OW2 requires phone number for new accounts

but why is it required for accounts that have been active for years and have never been silenced, suspended or banned?

Im not even talking have few accounts its not against rules… but yeah its will “help” LOL

…in other words, it’s abuse to blizzard if you make a new account without paying them.


Dumb idea requests dumbs changes

Dw wyom its classic blizzard fan who is most time spamming their big brain ideas… THis guy is not care its actually help or no. Its like blizzard bot, dont pay attention and dont try to talk, he will not answer

The very vocal feedback about smurfs, throwing, and other forms of gameplay sabotage are something I see every day, and steps like this will discourage abusive players from continuing to manipulate accounts and verification features like this will ensure all players can be trusted to be fair and honest players in the future. There will be even more ramp up to stop disruptive behavior with details coming soon.


^ just empty words, its will not work. And trust me, thsi guy will forget about these words when you will ask him in next year — why so much smurfs in my games.

yes i fully understand that but people smurf on new accounts
i have 2000 hrs on the game i’ve always tried to be positive and i’m a paying customer but this feature makes it so that i can’t play ow2 at all
and yes i’ve already made a support ticket trying to figure something out legitimately

Did you checked his link? Blizzard saying “We’re working on improving our anti-toxicity measures for the future. We’ll definitely update everyone when we have details ready to share.”

Lmao. Not even smurfs or throwers. But stay happy as usually and NEVER TRUST without proofs. Always check this guy links, cause his words are not connected to his links. But yeah green text with links LOOKS COOL LMAO

Sounds good.

So uh.

Why wasn’t it like…

Done before?


:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Yeah sounds good if you love the purple glasses

This is now the third thread - AFAIK I did the first one. The only real concern is for people who use prepaid cards, and the 12 people playing OW who by some miracle don’t actually have access to a phone.

KTK4 I don’t really care if it actually works, this thread is about the intent that’s all.

What difference does it make?


Now think: why would add a system to discourage purchase of the one thing you still make money on?

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Well then, at least learn to distinguish the truth from lies, because he literally thinks out for the developers, throwing links that do not correspond to his fiction … But I know that you are not used to clicking on links

What does anything matter, in the end?

I dunno man. I just asked a question.

The culture of gaming and how games have been marketed has changed. Overwatch was originally built as an upfront retail package, as you notice from the live stream yesterday, that is changing for Overwatch 2.

I am very aware of the concerns this will impact certain players and right now, we will need to be aware of more details. Don’t worry, I will continue to try to keep everyone informed as honestly as possible.


This is only an active forum user who was issued a badge and not a blizzard employee. Like stop trusting his wors without proofs PLS

I mean with three big thinking emoji’s it comes across as a real concern. See my above answer…

Duuude I dont caaare make your own topic.

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