OW2: My biggest concern

I really don’t fear the game being rushed out, nor not having enough maps or new tanks/supports at launch (because they can just add them in future updates since there will be no "we’re working on OW3 excuse), nor the game being kinda broken the first months, or tanks still feeling bad to play as, CC and heroes getting reworked, 2CP maps getting deleted (which makes me feel sad because I aesthetically love all the maps and specially the 0 gravity area in HLC is cool) or having another content drought as long as the inital content is good… TBH all this things kinda worry me BUT there’s ONE thing that makes me worry a lot more…

My biggest concern is that there won’t be enough NEW gamemodes. So far, they’ve just revealed Push. I mean, it looks great, but… Is that all? I would really love more new gamemodes.
Plus, if any one is interested into Quality of Life Updates overall, I made a megathread as complete as I possibly could (will replace the links with images once I get the trust level) including important and not so important features that would be VERY nice having in our future game. If you’re interested, here’s the link:

Have a nice day everyone and let’s hope for the best :smiley:

I am pretty sure that they said that there will be one more new gamemode next to Push.

I wonder what it could be, tbh.

Personally, i have no idea what one could come up with.


They’re keeping it too secret and I’m starving for news… I didn’t even know there was another gamemode on the works.

If OW2 make them money
There can be OW3 later on, and we repeat same thing as we have now.
Just to scare people off, if some practice work, companies like to repeat it.

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They said it during the reddit AMA I think.

At least I believe that they were hinting at a new pvp mode.

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Just listen to them talking about it from 2:27:56, he talks about how they wanned capture the flag to be changed into a main mode, but couldn’t solve how to do it and that’s when they came up with Push, and there is a new secret mode they are working on (but wouldn’t talk about this time) too.

im personally worried blizz is gonna release OW2 without push, saying its coming in a free update “soon”… we all know what “soon” means from blizz

When i saw the new maps being too similar to the existing ones i am keeping my expectations very low. The only thing that keeps me on board is a promise of new heroes to play - if they fail with the amount (6 being the bare minimum) it will be hard for me to come back. I pretty much don’t play OW at all right now because other games i play keep me occupied with regular new content.