OW2 matchmaking

Any plans to make matchmaking better at lower brackets for OW2?

Everything that follows is on top of the fact that I’d like to see an end to backfill into a match that you have no chance of turning round, that is crazy that it’s still a thing.

What I’d like to see is better matchmaking for lower skill levels, it’s very common to see ( via replays ) tanks and supports of higher skill level be matched with lower skill DPS who can’t hit anything.

Solo heals can’t climb and DPS get a poor exp because they get abused by their team out of frustration.

Is there any plan to address this in OW2? If not I’ll likely give it a miss

Having tons of new players will improve it as they can tighten the skill brackets without impacting queue times. It will likely be better! :slight_smile:

Yeah for sure, I understand that additional players may help. I’m looking for active development as a focus otherwise I’d probs see OW2 as something to grab in the sales rather than something to buy at release

This game without backfill would literally make every non-comp mode a complete joke… instead of getting a backfill when 1 person leaves, the entire team will just leave because what’s the point of staying?

Imagine waiting 8 mins for a game, only to be forced into leaving because someone on your team left a minute in.

Low population issue. Not fixable in casual modes. The entire point of comp is to get a better balance of team SR. Literally season 33, stop being afraid of comp.

You can climb on any support, there are bastion 1 tricks who get gm+ and he’s uninamously known as the worst hero in the game… and every role/hero gets blamed… can’t control who individual people lash out at :woman_shrugging: /hidechat

Your issues don’t sound like “matchmaker” issues… just, low population, refusal to play the balanced team mode, and blaming the game/other people for why you can’t climb.

Not trying to be toxic here… just trying to help you better identify your issues

The problem is that with Overwatch there is no telling when a match is really going to end due to the fact that Overtime mechanics are used to keeping the gameplay engaging to the very end.

Overwatch 2 going to the 1 Tank, 2 Damage, 2 Support ruleset is aiming to make this a little better. You can learn more about why they are making this change and how they hope it will improve the matchmaking experience better in last year’s Developer live stream.

Community Manager AndyB did confirm changes to Blizzard’s player social systems are coming soon.

My advice is to stay in touch here on these forums and for official announcements made from Overwatch on their official website, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch. Over the last few weeks, there have been at least been some major updates to the progression of Overwatch 2 and its development.

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