OW2 live discussion with MrX, Spce, Super and Gator

You are actually the MVP

Not me this time, ProtoIV stepped up. I am too busy writing the NFL football schedule for my “paid” job so I couldn’t join in on the session today.


I knew that something like this would need to be preserved since there is no possible way to look back at previous Twitter Spaces. So glad I could help :slight_smile:


Looks like this thread turned into twitter.


well as long as the ppl are famous it must be true.

We will occasionally try new mediums, especially if we believe they don’t present a lot of risk to do so at the time. Twitter Spaces is an feature that other teams within Blizzard have been testing, and we felt we could benefit from a similar execution.

We’ll still host events like AMAs and livestream Q&As. This was just something new and different.

Regarding the audio playback: I believe we get an archive of the Spaces event. Knowing our team behind Twitter, it’s possible we could be doing something with it.


Do you know if there will ever be a Q&A on these forums?

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Hey AndyB!!

This is a question for current OW.

Will we receive a new experimental soon to address some of the issues currently?

– Thanks

Oh. This is blizzard sponsored?

Well of course people who get money from blizzard, speaking at the behest of blizzard aren’t going to speak openly and honestly about their new product. It’s just advertisement. Propaganda.

Also I thought that sanito person went to go design jeans or something.


I liked the Twitter space personally :grin: Just felt a bit odd because it seemed like a “be there or be square” type deal ;p

And then create massive imbalance between the pure support roles and support hybrids like zen, ana and bap.

Just because crimzo likes playing aggro ana and 3rd dps, doesn’t mean the support role as a whole should become exactly like that.

If supports want to dps, we have an entire different role for that.

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It’s possible…however.

Part of my being more active and present here is to encourage folks to engage with us in a more constructive way. Through consistent posting, and answering of relevant questions, my goal is to shift the conversation away from hyperbole and to demonstrate that constructive criticism and dialog creates space for us to engage in conversation with y’all in ways that are additive and beneficial.

It’s completely understandable that folks have been frustrated by the gaps in communication. The current state of the boards is our responsibility. If we want for it to be a useful communication tool I need to put in the hours with all of you to ensure that when Team 4 is able to join the conversation it’s a productive and safe environment for both parties.


Has someone got a summary? I’m hearing impaired


Is asking if Baby D.Va will be addressed… a… relevant question?

Like, could she get a mini rework in a way?

Maybe since it was mostly OWL staff, just put it up on the OWL YouTube.

This is completely understandable and you doing a very well job with it! I think I can talk for a lot of us that we are happy to have you as CM! :slight_smile:


It’s also pretty valuable (pro) player perspective on how OW2 “feels” to play right now. I’d keep an eye on our social channels for updates to be sure :).


Yeah for sure because I don’t want to something like Twitter Spaces where I will have to record it since there isn’t really anyway to preserve it on there other than that.

Although I guess what will probably happen is that it just gets posted to @PlayOverwatch on Twitter.

Legit this is what we have been wanting for 5 years now so props to you for being someone who was like us until they started working at Blizzard and taking it upon yourself to try and alleviate this!

Because let’s be real the lack of communication for months at a time is very…painful (??) as players over the years. Even more so since OW2 was released. To a lot of us it feels like OW1 got shafted for OW2…yet we’d see and hear virtually nothing for very long amounts of time. So it’s really nice to have someone trying to advocate for us very directly finally!

As someone who plays all roles, it is VERY concerning that Tanks and Supports have seen next to no POSITIVE limelight this year.

Looking at what has happened FOLLOWING Blizzcon 2019:

  1. Only one new hero and it has been a DPS (and the only revealed one for OW2 so far is clearly a DPS)
  2. Of the 6 hero reskins we have seen since BC 2019, 5 of 6 have been for DPS heroes
  3. BOTH of the reworks revealed have been DPS heroes

EDIT just thought of another
4. A new storyline was to be released before OW2 and in line with the above 3, it’s for a certain nameless DPS

It is very concerning from the eyes of Tank and Supports. In my mind as an outsider, I would think that OW2/5v5 working out HANGS in the balance (literally) of how Tanks and Supports feel and function as those roles will dictate queue times for DPS and how the game feels as a whole as those 2 roles generally are the flow and tempo setters. Yet from the community’s perspective, all we are seeing is how DPS are changing and that feels very off putting when DPS balancing should come last in my mind based on what I said above.

Granted we have zero clue how much work is actually going on amongst your colleagues and on what components exactly. But what we have been allowed to see so far screams DPS DPS DPS so much.

Do you think you could relay this to the team? Put in a good word for the community that big, positive reveals and reworks for Tanks and Supports need to start being shown ASAP to relieve some of the tension for people who play those roles?

We needs some wins in the Tank and Support roles. They are feeling left behind and feeling like they are only being made worse while DPS are looking like they will be much stronger and way more fun than currently (if Sombra and Bastion reworks mean anything for how the other 16 will turn out).