"OW2 less strategic and deathmatchy"

Ya people need to regroup more regularly to get as many team fights in as possible instead of an endless losing battle. The only time they don’t really need to regroup is when they have a set planned win condition that doesn’t need all 6 people. (ult combos)

Yeah remove the queen from chess and there will be MORE strategy because actually losing a piece matters more now and it’s less about relying on other pieces because there’s less pieces, more individial popoffs for the rooks and knights



remove one of the rooks and buff the other is more apt but i can see why you went with a more inflammatory one

I actually agree with this.

But I promise you 99.99% of players are thinking “strategy” when what they mean is “tactics”. So OP is still right.

great point. Are rts just deathmatch/cod because by definition players need to solo carry?

only if you’re playing against a rusher and don’t know how to counter :skull: :skull: :skull:

noob tactics

Statements like “5v5 is an upgrade to 6v6 Overwatch and is completely game changing and feels new” are just nonsense to me too (and it both bothers and worries me a lot), yet here we are… :man_shrugging:

Won’t be reading your post any further or explain why I think the exact contrary as we’ve already discussed this and couldn’t agree on other previous topics (I remember your username).


In OW2 I see more aggressive trickling, so that still happens, but on a faster scale. The issue now is that if you want to flank, you need obscene mobility and have to take the shortest path without bothering to suppress footsteps because you won’t get there in time otherwise.

In OW2 I don’t even get the chance to get to good positioning in the first place. My entire support experience consists of constantly seeing places I should be, things that could be done, and opportunities that could be exploited and being unable to do any of it because we will be down 1 before I even get halfway into position. Not even talking about anything too crazy, I really mean just being able to play Ana/Zen at ~13m back and not losing LoS if I don’t glue down W.

Like for concrete examples, consider midtown attack, just past first. Obviously not in OW1 but I’d probably hold the covered section from the right, wait for my team to prepare to round the corner, and still have time to get to the top of the dumpsters to keep up with them. In OW2, if I’m not prepared to yolo into the subways in the underpass, someone is gonna get caught out and die.


Of course you think this, you’re one of the Blizzard interns.

“People who disagree with me must be paid off”

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Well, for me for sure OW1 feels better than Ow2 by a lot. Just need some balance here and there.
And maybe separarte tanks between ones with shield and other with no shield (like brawler). This way we will have only a max of one shield per team, solving a lot of complains.

I am playing now the ow1 after play the beta and feel awesome. Like if it was the new and ow2 the old… Funny and sad

I critizise the company when it’s valid. Like the fact that top management of Blizzard is absolutely disgusting, especially Kotick.

This is rich coming from you considering what you are spending your time on right now.

I don’t spend my time kissing Blizzard’s **s non-stop.

I’m sure you’d have a seizure just trying to come up with something critical of Overwatch.

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The strats honestly doesn’t change, frankly. Anyone that says it’s less strategical is just overreaching, you still got to work with the team, understand your match-up, ult eco, etcetc.

If anything, there’s less room for mistakes and you really got to plan/execute your strats well.

I don’t have to be critical of something that’s better which OW2 is, it’s very obvious that you don’t have what it takes to understand OW2 let alone OW1.

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Nah because you drink all the koolaid Blizzard gives you and anything they do is the best thing ever.

It’s why you’re gushing over OW2, it’s absolutely perfect in your eyes.

It’s okay though, you’re an intern, so I understand.

Are you really that incapable of comprehending that people can have opinions that you disagree with?

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holy smokes man that is so accurate. this is the only reason I still play rein in OW1 because people do crap like this
have you seen brigs run their face into a rein before? because I have

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They do though, atleast in EU. QP matches of OW1 people often combo ultimates and work together. It’s not every match but it’s sure enough to give it it’s own feel.

OW2 in my 20-30 or so hours in the 2 BETAs, there hasn’t been a single bit of teamwork period outside of 1 match where I followed my Rein on Mei so I could actually get value on her.
It always ends up just being a frag fest and reminded me of the way I would play a COD match. Dead silence VoIP only interrupted by people flaming focusing on nothing but fragging and the enemy was the same. The most teamwork you’d see is a nano-blade or someone using the “group up” button. Never was there proper combo’d ults, enemies didn’t engage together, teammates didn’t engage together, no shields blocking abilities to keep teammates alive or anything I’ve come to love from OW.

Just a zen in the back yeeting orbs, a sniper somewhere playing Quake and a Soldier/Sojourn on highground #456 or hyper mobility hero spamming into whoever they could see. It honestly felt like pre-role lock OW in a silver/gold lobby.


If I could frame this statement, I would.

This distinction between tactics and strategy (goals, strategy, tactics) is a commonly understood paradigm in the business world, and it definitely can also apply to your gaming experiences.

It’s fair to say that 5v5 is more tactical, with the ability to individually carry being more prevalent. In a competitive setting tactical excellence is important, but the team with the better overall strategy will win when tactical excellence (individual game sense/skill) is relatively even


Looking at Sym and Thinking of parallels to the business world