"OW2 less strategic and deathmatchy"

I disagree with this being the case of OW2. Yes you have to adjust positioning more moment to moment but the macro of positioning and pathing requires more thought now because you have less easy ways of gettting it. In live OW you can create cover more often while it’s less frequent in OW2, that’s something you need to think about and also gameplan for.

I feel like you are confusing strategy with team reliance with your Sombra example but I understand the point you are making.
An example of the opposite is Tracer being more team reliant now compared to before of how impactful the damage nerf is coupled with support buffs.

Yes there’s a difference between the strategy and tactics but your example about how it’s weighted in tac shooters I heavily disagree with. The macro play matters a lot in every round, it’s the gameplay that you start off with, yes you have to adjust according to how the round plays out but that doesn’t make the macro play irrelevant. You always need to have a game plan.

I see OW2 being the same way, you need good fundamentals and good macro plans but you need to adjust to the micro based on how the teamfights progress.

Otherwise what you get is just flowchart gaming where you can you can preplan everything and execute it exactly just like that or keep trying until you succeed which is essentially how a lot of high level Live OW played out.

Your example was simply wrong, it’s kinda the point of the thread.
Tracer is a top pick in OWL because the literal best players in the world are unsurprisingly to no one still insanely good at her but there’s no denying that if she wasn’t nerfed, she’d be solo carrying.

Again, solo carrying being a thing is not something that detracts from strategy or tactics, if anything it adds more because you have more to prepare for and and if you can see someone is popping off you can adjust by making that person the main focus.
You simply cannot expect to walk into a game without any strategy or tactic and simply rely on that someone on the team is going to pop off and carry team fights.

Is it not clear that I’m talking about those people? The people who make that blatant statement and are willing to die on that hill making post after post about a falsehood.

I’m not GM, never have been and no one has to be. All you have to do to actually understand the game is think and a lot of people are failing to do that.

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It is an euphemism Avian dont fall for it. We all know what it means, it basically means:
OW2 is harder and everyone has more agency and less safety so I dont like it

None of those who unironically believe that relying on natural cover and allowing for more individual impact means less tactics/strats will admit it. They are literally the same if not more (tactics). OW1 is simply more forgiving, so yeah.

Some people like change/challenges, some others dont. Thats it :man_shrugging:


My thoughts exactly.

I’ll pick monkey or Rein, my other tank will pick Zarya just after and proceed not to bubble me once - forcing me to switch to something else and now we have zero synergy.

I’m mechanically poor enough to have these teammates regularly (and will likely continue to) so solo tanking is wonderful.

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+1 reasonable mind into the sea of stupidity, welcome tho :wink: Let’s fix this forum.


Idk who you even are but you sound like I’ve swagged you out before. Never mess with the head zozzler.

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Just say you don’t understand the game and be done with it because that’s simply untrue

Now you gotta synergize with your DPS, who tend to be better at opportunity recognition in general so while it’s better, we may be back to square 1 soon even if it’s less so. A versatile tank hero pool should make this a non issue for the most part though

I actually find Genji players the best at opportunity recognition consistently when I’m playing Doom.

Aside from them though, I struggle with follow up from DPS but I’m sure it will come.

People who like koth in OW1, are enjoying OW2 more than those who do not like koth in OW1.

They like the deathmatch play, they just like to pretend it has strategic value.


This, strategy and being able to pop off are an oxymoron, you can’t have both.

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Then you should realize why OW2 is so much worse. In OW1 you have time to set up plays before your teammates lemming themselves into the toaster bath. This is not the case in OW2, and until you hit truly organized play, things only get worse the further up you go since people being better at fast individual plays on targets of opportunity leave less room to set stuff up.


strategy in ow1 is one of three things

  1. running rein/zarya all day because “rein is the best tank we need rein”
  2. the team collectively flaming roadhog to swap
  3. the team trying something that actually requires coordination, failing, and then defaulting to one of the above

it’s a circus, but it’s our circus :heart:

people forget that strategy and solocarry are not mutually exclusive. any 1v1 game is by definition infinitely more solo carry able than OW, but they still have just as much strategy. teamwork is the key, and you can still exploit teamwork in ow2. you just gotta think in more terms than tanks lol

what do you think happens when two people with high solocarry are working against eachother. they are on equal terms. they have to resort to strategizing if they want the edge. solocarry negates strategy only when you’re against people worse than you, and 99% of the forums are not in that situation. lol


I don’t see that as being worse. You don’t get more time in live OW. People int as much as they will do in OW2, the only difference is that it’s much easier for you to make up for that yourself while it’s basically hopeless in OW2.

Team work has never mattered less than in OW2. That’s why people are complaining.


they’re short sighted haha

teamwork is at a low for the same reason the amount of mistakes in play are at an all time high. new environment, new interactions. look at owl, c9s for days.

let em cry that their new playstyle with no competitive matchmaking is “chaotic and individualistic” all they want

The only really strategy that is gone is the decision between tanks in how they want to go about synergy. The new game takes the same amount of thought by everyone playing just less pre-match setup required. The reduced ults also cuts down a little bit of pre-fight planning also. Over all the game feels the same but with a little less protection due to the peel tank not existing.

Honestly things aren’t that different, most people are aware of what every hero does at this point in the game, and while OW2 did mix things up a bit, its basically the same thing, just with a few number tweaks.

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Not IME. In OW1 people will generally live long enough for lines of battle to form, giving me some time to get to a good spot. In OW2 I have to follow my team as they yolo down main just to keep up. And I can’t even always blame them, if an opportunity presents itself they should take it, but when that is so heavily incentivized and enabled, anyone without mobility just gets left behind.

Not sure about that, from my experience and watching VODs a lot of time is wasted by people dying at the choke instead of proper regrouping and people standing at the choke poking - a death on their own team often becomes the go button for some reason so people will actively take a fight 5v6.

When I play support I don’t even have time to get back to my good positioning if I had to drop for whatever reason because someone is going to turbo feed during the 5 seconds I’m not healing and this happens even at Masters.

yeah that’s another take i see a lot too but i don’t really buy into it. it’s close enough to jump right in but people who played ow2 like ow1 in the beta were baddies

ow1 kinda holds hands regarding a lot of fps fundamentals and it’s night and day watching someone transition between the 2

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