OW2 is Coke2, except they are not bringing back the classic

OW2 is a poor excuse of a sequel serving only to give Overwatch a fresh coat of paint and soften critique of their new greedy store economy. Changing for the sake of changing it.

Here’s a list of things only designed to be ‘Different’ and not ‘Better’.

  1. Two Tanks was better to play and play against (double shield aside, every match had much more variety and playing the same maps never got old because of this. I used to be able to play OW1 endlessly because every match felt different, i cannot play more than 2-3 matches of OW2 since every match is just tanks counter picking and going through the entire roster. Not to mention the gameplay aspect of counter picking isn’t what you call a well designed competitive game. It’s just boring and broke.)

  2. Hero portrait art = OW1 did better.

  3. Play of the game theme = OW1 did better.

  4. Original character designs = OW1 were better, Mercys hair was iconic compared to whatever Karen cut she has now. None of the new designs reinvigorate the character in any way and are probably just there to market/make new contenders/OWL skins.

  5. UI = Worse. Original UI had a cool italic look to it, and the eliminated text was way better even copied by other games.

  6. Missing features, now readvertised in OW2 seasons. :joy: I wouldn’t put it past blizzard if the on fire system is monetized with different effects/colors. Maybe not on launch so there will be less outrage, but somewhere down the line.

When they said we are scrapping PvE because it didn’t meet the ‘blizzard quality experience’ standard. Then WTF is all the above ^

I think why everyone is disappointed at the focused PvE cancelation, is that the PvP that Aaron mentioned he is putting all resources to is so bad now compared to what we had, and a lot of people were forgiving of OW2 PvP’s shortcomings as long as the promised full fledged PvE made up for it. And now we are reverted to archive missions that you play and forget in a day every 3 months.

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“How many times can you get away with saying the exact same thing for 8 months and still get top post, go!”