OW2 is about to be fun

I know I speak for everyone when I say double shield tank is both boring and extremely tiresome


I think it will be fun for the first few months and then we’ll realise the original was better


I don’t think so I am so tired of double Shield tanks it has me losing my mind


It’s not like they could have just removed the shields on Sigma and Orisa. Most experimental patches featured this, and it was really good to play.
But with the forced 2-2-2 there is no other option than removing one tank and making all tanks more fun to play, so people can actually play the game and don’t lose their minds in 10 Minutes of Queue time.

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I think it will be fine will there be a learning curve yes will people need to improve there mechanics yes but it will show who is good and who has been getting carried threw meta

Yeah I’m eager to give it a go and see how it is. I enjoy Overwatch, I’m certain I’ll like OW2.

Hulk. Will you ever think positively or always be a downer?


I, for one, HEAVILY look forward to rolling kids with the Javelin.

  • No more Hanzo, I’m becoming a Battle Cattle.

No you only speak for yourself

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I don’t know if I will like OW2.0 PVP. Double Shield is annoying as hell, but 5v5 is much faster, more flanking and more distributed and I don’t like that at all.
I’ve always liked games that have a certain order. Overwatch was my first FPS. in between I tried R6 and Apex and neither of them were for me.

The more I see of 5v5, the more I see a game I don’t like, replacing one I once loved.

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it will be like that at first the chaos as Overwatch 1 when it first came out was like that in OWL came and showed everyone how to play with synergy and it came natural it will be the same for this as well I think it will be fine my friend

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The problem is, I didn’t start until Christmas 2016, played until lvl 30 and then didn’t touch the game for almost three years. before I started again at the end of 2019.

Also, I’m (as you can easily see) a Widowmain and she’s currently very weak despite the HP buff to 200.
To be precise all the heroes I play and enjoy are weak in the Alpha (Widow, Ashe, Pharah, Orisa, Zen)

I didn’t play the Alpha but I, based on the changes I have seen, wouldn’t call any of them weak.
Orisa f.e. sounds actually really strong in the Alpha with her new abilities.

I watched several videos and streams yesterday (e.g. Super, Casta) that have played the alpha and they all drew a similar picture of the strength of each hero. So my expectations haven’t gotten any better.

With my main, I only need to see the video material and know what’s going on, why she so weak and my fears regarding 5v5, which I have had for months, have come true.

She’s vulnerable which she should be considering her huge pick potential, especially in a 5v5 environment. She’ll have strong and weak maps and she’ll have strong and weak comps.

Maps and comps will matter less for heroes that have less pick potential and aren’t as vulnerable to specific counters.


I don’t see them being weak I do see you having to change your approach to the kills a bit more like with ashe you don’t have a tank protection you so positioning would be key same with widow you have to be sneaky get your pick get out pharah I see you having to learn the new maps or old maps in 5v5 setting find common routes shut it down and use natural cover more Orisa I hear she is pretty strong but got to play aggressively and zen well I see some changes coming to him to be honest

Problem will be that everybody gonna blame tanks =1 and then its gonna be CS:GO in the end. Tanks cant do sh*t in OW2. My estimate only…lets see what happens.

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they can actually win you the game they have crazy carry potential

Tanks when number of them lowered to 1 => I seriously suspect that. But let’s see what happens. I hope for that…but very sceptical.

they do a good amount of damage and have two supports they better peel or they will die same for dps