OW2, Gollum, Redfall, Forspoken, Darktide, etc

Okay, what’s going on with the gaming industry? Why are unfinished buggy games becoming the norm?


As long as there are people who pre-order and buy tons of microtransactions, there will be failures like those.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Does Darktide deserve to be on that list? People seem to regard that game pretty fondly from what I’ve heard.


The core gameplay is good, but otherwise plagued by bugs/crashes, lack of promised content, and slot machine crafting

edit: The Big Content update that Fatshark has been teasing finally dropped. It’s just one new map, a recycled enemy from vermintide, and more cosmetics. The community is in copium overdrive atm


Okay I wouldn’t go as far as to say OW2 is anywhere near as bad as those other games you mentioned Lmao

But yes I agree that buggy unfinished games becoming more common is a travesty. The company’s should simply stop releasing games in that state, but we all know they won’t


Darktide is an unofficial early access game sold as a finished game. There were tons of bugs and issues at launch. There’s a completely garbage crafting system. The ignorant & stubborn devs are clinging to their 100% rng mechanics (map selection, map modifiers, crafting, weapon drops, etc) that many people dislike, including me, which is why I stopped playing it some months ago.

They definitely made sure the Shop was up and running smoothly though.


Interesting… I’ve actually heard almost nothing but bad things about it.

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Because we gamers lap this slop up like it’s a plate of spaghetti.


honestly I don’t think Forespoken should be next to any of these games

yeah it was a little generic and the dialogue was pretty awful but in the grand scheme it wasn’t actually a bad game? not to mention how the internet ripped the game a new one for unfunny dialogue but praised the hell out of High on Life like Rick and Morty style humor hasn’t been unfunny for 4 years now


A shame that we already got people ready to jump onto DiabloIV and its battlepass. Blizzard will keep getting away with it

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Because it’s profitable, and big game companies aren’t going to care if their product is trash if people still buy it. It encourages game producers to put less budget into the dev team and put more focus onto squeezing money out of players with overpriced DLC and microtransactions. It’s backwards as hell but if as long as there are idiots who will continue dumping their wallets into borderline scams, the problem will only get worse.


As long people buy trash games, companies will not step up. Simple as that.

i never played forspoken but i did like the angry joe video game review of it. only way i play that game is if its free on the epic store or maybe if its on sale for 5 dollars… maybe?


There is a reason why the production company behind Forespoken got closed.

It was a awful game that costed millions of dollar and nearly nobody liked it.
That happens if you try to please a checklist and ignore all feedback from players.

You suddenly forgot how they had to remove (Bastion, Mei and Torb) for weeks? Or how many people had problems with their skins not appearing on the gallery, awful monetization scheme, watered down gameplay, cancelled PVE, Doomfist infinite bugs, etc?

People keep preordering and buying day 1.

Its us. We are the problem. And theres no laws regulating it either so its all good and gravy in everyones eyed.


You can also add Star Wars Jedi Survivor to that list :p…

There were tons of good games that have been released recently but way too fast, unfortunately.

The way I analyze it is that the competition is fierce and that they usually schedule the release dates so it doesn’t intertwine with other big franchises. The issue with that devs can’t always finish games in time (because of lack of resources or other problems with certain companies) and it’s then harder to find another good spot to release the game within the same year… so they sometimes release it in a buggy state…

This is clearly not an excuse but simply nowadays standards.

I agree with that. I realize I’m part of the problem 'cause I usually buy around 10 games a year (always pre-order unless I have real doubts about the quality - I dodged Forspoken, thank God), I’m pretty selective and I know I will play them no matter what, even if it has optimization issues at first.

There are only two games I regret buying (as far as I can remember) : Anthem (big “L”) and “Outriders” but those games only hyped me because it was a “group” thing where some friends of mine and I decided to play it together.

Resident Evil 4 Remake was really solid though, in terms of performance (120 constant fps on PC), but it’s a Remake. They hardly ever disappoint (and there are less risks taken).

OKay but
What about all the GOOD games so far? Dead Island 2 runs fine, ToTK is popular AND good, Pikmin is coming next month for god’s sake

because they sell anyway

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OW2 launched with the creative workshop disabled for months, re introduces old OW1 bugs, heroes being disabled for weeks, matchmaker in season 1 putting GM players in bronze 5, matchmaker the next season putting players in higher ranks to play with lower ones (season rank decay) causing spawn camp stomp matches, many loot box skins are unavailabe like for instance Dragon Mercy, Funky Baptiste.

Considering that OW2 are just OW1 but 5v5 and an improved engine (textures on skins) and everything else everyone can agree on being a massive downgrade to OW1 I think OW2 are actually on par with these games. The only good things about the game are very small updates that we normally got or could have gotten in OW1. At least those other games mentioned are total new games and not a worse remaster that are getting updates like new heroes and maps again.