[OW2] Cross-platform and mouse suport

Do you guys believe that Overwatch 2 will support mouse and keyboard on consoles and cross-platform?

Something related to that came out at Blizzon?

I play on the PC but I think that would be interesting measures to increase our base.

No, the devs might not have an idea about where they’re leading the game but at least they know something as basic as no crossplay between pc and consoles.


Check out the pinned post from WyomingMyst for details on OW2.

As currently understood, no crossplay is planned, but it is a topic the dev team discusses. Separating the controller and M+K markets would need to happen first, which I currently don’t believe they have in place.

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How can i find this post? :confused:

It should be pinned at the top of General Discussion boards,

There is a sub section for OW2 specific information.

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