OW2 Balance Team new Q&A

I am worried as it seems the Brig changes are intentional.

What does those changes do for Brig when Pro play testing has shown Brig being unable to bodyguard or prevent herself from being killed by Tracer

Anyone hit by shield bash can just escape by moving away or using their movement abilities. What is Brig’s purpose in OW2?

And no one asked what were their plans for Mercy, great.

Bastion buffs, I like the sound of that


Oooooo…good idea. :+1:

I can’t say I trust their test team to balance this game after they nerfed symm’s teleport into it’s infinite version by telling us and I quote “it felt like there was two teleporters up at the same time”. Because they were incapable of shooting the teleport in it’s old cooldown form.

Nor do I trust their test team to balance the game now if they feel like mercy and her ress is a strong move, rather than the pros saying she’s useless. In high ranked games, ressing is far far harder than in low rated games because people just don’t pay attention and don’t push for their advantages. You cannot operate mercy solely as a damageboost bot either because her healing has been watered down to nothing. It’s going to be infinitely harder to actually use resurrection in 5vs5, even harder than 4vs4 team dm despite the 3 second window.

I also don’t see how it would be possible for supports to be supposedly safer with less peels, less stuns and less healing, when they’ve already pointed out before flankers are going to be stronger… tanks aren’t the most frequent support killers.

The moment I saw the numbers for sombra’s rework, I immediately thought how OP it was going to be and the pros thought the same. That their test team does not, speaks for itself.

Balance has always been a huge issue with this game. I don’t see it changing anytime soon. All I can hope for is the best and that we can actually test the beta and give feedback, No doubt we’re going to need to give a lot of feedback about tuning.

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I kinda wanna ask about what determines dev interaction with threads. There was this HUGE thread that never got a response:

With that level of community discussion I’m surprised it has gone unacknowledged. 2K likes as well (on the forums of all places)

Hopefully Doom as tanks works out.

They said Mercy was “Strong” on 5v5.

And they thought Sombra wasn’t…

So take that as you will.


You know that if Doomfist does become a tank that he would likely be the only character in the enemy team that has CC right? It’s not like you’ll get stunned from all 6 people.

And besides, they said Doomfist would have less damage anyway so it’s unlikely he’ll one shot you even if you do get punched into a wall

I don’t think the forums has the foundations to do that well without some restrictions. If we do it ‘free swim’ reddit style, then the Devs would be responding to let’s say posts #4 and #5 500 posts later as the thread moves extremely quickly. Then they would have to scroll all the way back down and then the process repeats. It would be very messy.

A good idea for doing a Q&A on the forums, would be to announce a 1 hour time slot on a specified time. Where a CM/Mod will make a thread for the community to ask questions, and 1 post per person to avoid clutter. After 1 hour, the mod locks the thread, and then the development team can take their time answering questions without rushing.


or there’s simply better overall feedback elsewhere

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Would it be possible to hold future AMAs / Q & As at a slightly different time? Like the AMA in May.
When the AMA started, almost all of Europe was already in bed. in England it was 11 p.m., in Germany and France it was even midnight.
Last time you did it at “1:30 am - 3:30 pm PDT | 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm EDT | 20:30 - 22:30 UTC”, which was much better for us European. On a Friday it wouldn’t be a problem, as you don’t have to go to the lecture hall or work the next day, but on Wednesday (here already Thursday) at night is a bit inconvenient.

Oh Gott, That could take a while when I look at the posts/topics sometimes. I hope this won’t be a Sisyphus task for you. A Q&A on the official forum would be great, I’m looking forward to it. :heart_eyes: I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can do it. :smiley:

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May as well just delete the forums then if everything is going into deaf ears.

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I don’t disagree. Riot did it to their LoL forum I believe. If the culture that exists in a forum isn’t good there’s not reason to keep it.

More like someone is not capable of taking criticism.

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I still don’t want it. :slight_smile:

If only tanks are allowed to have CC, then, we’re going to have a lot less ways to deal with it on support and DPS.

I’m not so much concerned about being instakilled or not, I’m concerned about losing control of my hero a lot.

Since the topic was heavily focused on reworks and redesigns, can anything be said about tank Mei at this time? Last time in May it was said that balance team is going to try it, but now there has been no answer given, so I assume they didn’t get to test it. Will they do it?
Having her in tank would be so much more useful than in dps.
Also, current Zarya with shared bubble cooldowns doesn’t seem to be doing so great with much more downtime on bubbles after she uses them one after another.

No actually, they said this in an AMA, and then a few months LATER they said in their Pro Discord that “Sym support rework is on our internal To-Do list”. So it WILL be tested. We just have no clue if it will go through.

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No i dont to be honest, because that state means that if a healer does his/her job correctly, she/he gets alive teammates as a result, dead ones if he/she dosnt. The same will be true to the DPS, because if he/she does the job correctly (which means focus fire,working together with the other DPS and target prioritizing correctly), things will still die pretty fast. If you suck at it, you wont get results,unless the enemy messes up at the same time.

If supports and tanks become more self efficient, and DPS becomes a little “harder” role to play than it is atm, its good for the overall health of the game, not to mention the que times.
The harsh reality is that in order to achieve better que times for DPS, you need to provide better experience for the other 2 roles.
The tricky part is that you cannot just magically increase the quality of 2 roles by a meaningful amount, without taking something away from the 3rd role.

So yea, a healer should be able to outheal any dps primary fire (not critical hits) without much issue, but right now plenty of DPS hero can just outdamage every healer without a single critical hit.


Agreed. If a support is healing someone, it should take focus fire, burst damage, or ultimates from the enemy to kill them.

Dva should not be able to kill people through Mercy pocket with ease like she was in the OW2 gameplay videos…

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