OW1 Origins skins not transferring to OW2

I brought Overwatch Legendary Edition for the switch back in 2019, I played a lot and I had all of my Origins skins and more. I merged that account with my battle.net account yesterday and It worked just fine but when I look at some of my skins they are missing in overwatch 2 (Mostly Origins skins but it did transfer my Noire Widowmaker skin). Is this a common glitch that will be fixed or am I not allowed to have those skins back?

(also when I go to buy skins in bastion it shows me the “Overgrown” skins but It is locked to buy.)



Hi Helix,
They have open this thread, so it is just a bug. Overwatch 2 Known Issues - October 25, 2022
Some of my skins are missing also.

Thanks man, I feel a lot better knowing others are having the same problem, not just me.

Same, none of my skins transferred from my switch. I hope this gets fixed soon