OW1 "last chance" skins?

Okay so I know this is the “last chance” event but does that mean that all these overwatch 1 skins will be locked away for good? or will they still comeback if they have seasonal events? Say if I don’t buy one now is this the last chance I have to ever buy the skin?

Last chance before they’re stuck behind a paid shop.


They’ll still be purchasable as “Legacy Content” using the Standard Overwatch Credits in the Hero Gallery.


so then its just last chance to get it in a loot box then?


I think? The details are still a little hazy but I think that should be the case.


Event cosmetics (Summer Games, Winter Wonderland etc.) will be locked behind a paywall.
You will only be able to use the credits on the base cosmetics (but also on base cosmetics of new Heroes).

I’ve come to the theory that leveling up will give us ow1 credits rather than lootboxes

Lootboxes are going away for ow2, meaning no reward for leveling up, however they’ll be keeping the credits, as they said on the blog post that the current ow1 cosmetics will all be obtainable via ow1 credits or ow2 coins

So you probably can get a farming like the current one with flexing and leveling up to get currency to buy over 1000 skins, or pay a bit and get the skins as well

I think the new skins have been confirmed to be ow2 coins only so we’d probably need credits for everything ow1 currently has, and minor stuff like voicelines, sprays and blue skins, if anything I’d put it this simpler way

Hero gallery items can be purchased with credits or coins
Item shop items can be purchased with only coins

Weren’t the rotating weekly bundles going to include some of the Legacy Skins?

But we are no longer “leveling up” in OW2 either. Like maybe they’ll toss a few credits in after each match if we win, or they’ll be earnable only in the arcade or something, but we will no longer level up like we used to. Just the battlepass levels, so at best we can see them dropping as like a match reward. We get battlepass XP, virtual currency maybe, ow1 credits. Idk, but I imagine it’ll be as an end of match reward rather than leveling up reward.

How am I supposed to reach diamond boarder D:


Original Overwatch Credits will carry over into Overwatch 2 for players to use in the hero gallery on core launch cosmetics for new heroes. For example, each of Kiriko, Junker Queen, and Sojourn have 2 legendary, 1 epic, and a few rare skins available to purchase with either Credits or the new Coins. In addition, original Overwatch Credits can be used to buy other always-available items in the Hero Gallery for the 32 original heroes and some launch items in new cosmetic classes (for example 5 new Weapon Charms) as well.

Seasonal content delivered through previous events like Summer Games and Lunar New Year may be made available for Overwatch Coins, and non-seasonal legacy content can be acquired with legacy Overwatch credits or Overwatch 2 Coins in the Hero Gallery.

(In the second blurb the article says “Overwatch coins” and then “Overwatch 2 coins” but I think that’s just a mistake. I don’t think there’s a difference)

I never made it either. It is a shame, I really wanted it.

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They will be rotated weekly during the firs season and there is no mentioned of which currency will be used. It actually hints that it will be the paid currency.

With this new seasonal model, Loot Boxes are going away in Overwatch 2, and our new in-game shop will allow you to purchase exactly what you want with our new virtual currency, Overwatch Coins– what you see is exactly what you’re going to get. The shop will offer featured cosmetic items every week for all players, and in Season One, many of these cosmetics will follow a cyberpunk theme. Future seasons will have different themes for our cosmetics.

Non-seasonal legacy skins will be able to be purchased with legacy credits, as well as some of the new heroes base skins. See my post above.

The current event allows to get the past event items. The non event items were already available even without this event.

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“Remember all those skins you could obtain for free just by playing the game the way you wanted for the last 6 years? Well now you can buy them for $10-20 each on our shop.”

The future of Overwatch.

Mm I see what you mean. Sorry, I misunderstood.

You have two weeks to play your little heart out now. The highest level you reach will be displayed on your profile.

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Same, I’m about to finish gold boarder, with switch level merged I’ll probably be High plat boarder maybe 1 star plat boarder, but shame

Where’s my double XP weekend aaron

The merge does not combine levels across platforms. It will only take the highest value. Source: Blue post from the account merge Q&A

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