OW Wont Launch from Launcher, Ironic

Evening! Ive had this issue off and on and only with Overwatch. It will launch goto black screen, give no error message no nothing and simply go back to desktop. Its been happening off and on for a few weeks now but a PC restart will always fix w/e is causing the issue. Not the case this evening. WoW launches just fine. Tried running as admin with same result. Its up to date and recently ran the “fix” tool in the launcher when i had the issue before but it did not resolve the issue. The game ran fine last night and then today, nothing.

Have you checked the known issues thread from the staff in this forum? Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021

Maybe something there applies to your situation. If not, follow the instructions for further troubleshooting, as this isn’t enough information to diagnose the problem.