OW 2 Combat healing debuff

I feel like the healing debuff is just a really lazy way to add lower healing in the OWL patch because they barely touched the other characters in regards to changes.

It’s going to be 2 more years before OW2 arrives because they basically need to scrap everything character related and rebuild to fit their DPS 5v5 vision.

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I mean, healing outside of a fight is already dead easy and not very interesting. The teamfight is where the action is, and that’s where a support player wants to feel like they have impact. Watching your teammates crumple during a fight, being unable to help them, is not offset by being able to hand them a juice box between clashes.


The trouble is that the support player community has been spoiled by having high healing output. Anything less than being able to stop death completely isn’t acceptable any more.

Supports should be supports. Not healers. Healing should still be a thing, but it should be mainly out-of-combat. In-combat, utility should win over raw healing output.

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I mean I wasn’t going to say it. I was thinking it. But I wasn’t going to say it.

Absolutely agree with everything you said though.

I’ve never played TF2, but if it means I can’t keep my team up anymore, then I’ll likely stop playing. That is unless supports somehow get something in return, like better utility.

Maybe I’m not understanding it, but what does that mean for the role overall? If I’m a really good support player, an equal level DPS will be able to kill my team?

Yes and more, they will dictate the flow of the game and even your ultimate charge. Support engagement with the game will drop drastically if this is implemented. Your combat infuence will essentially become lackluster dps and hoping you have some good utility to throw around, because saving teammates isn’t influential any longer. If you don’t have good utility and you’re not a great shot? You’re just SOL.


Reduce the healing by 25%, then increase the damage by 25% too. Otherwise what you have is a s*** role that nobody wants to play. And if you think queue times are bad because of lack of tanks now, just wait til OW2 when there’s nobody to play support.


Yeah, spoiled by being able to do stuff. Oh no.

Healing has never outpaced damage or kept up with damage like you’re erroneously and disingenuously suggesting. It mitigates part of it. That’s how supports impact fights. If you take that away you take away the ability to affect the game. I’m not going to be a mobile med pack. No thank you.


Medic overheals, you absolute crazy person. The in combat healing matters less when you’re increasing durability across the board.

They’re copying the downside of medic without the bit that makes him valuable.


All i’m going to say is if this change goes live and Mercy doesn’t recieve any tweaks anywhere, people are going to realize just how overstated her blue beam is very quickly.

Yeah, blue beam is great for getting ult charges and amping for key cooldowns and is good at helping bump up reliable DPS, but that is absolutely not going to be enough to make her remotely viable if her already pretty low healing gets cut down by 25%.


It’ll be fine. You can swap to your pistol and be a Fischer price DPS.

That’s why you play mercy, right?


In TF2, the stock Medigun does 24 HP/s of healing in-combat (when your healing target is taking damage). When someone hasn’t taken damage for 10 seconds, the amount that you heal them ramps up to 3x healing (72 HP/s) over the next 5 seconds (if they don’t take more damage). So in competitive leagues, it’s a common practice for less important heal targets (like Scouts) to wait for this ramped healing (called crit healing), as so to take up less of the Medic’s time.

And I personally don’t like how supports impact works like that. I personally feel supports should be utility first, healing second.

And I’m not suggesting that. I’m suggesting that support utility be increased so they can have more impact beyond healing in team fights. The healing would then come into play if a fight is won.

I mean that’s a bit uncalled for…

Oh of course, helping people out is for chumps. It’s all about the pew pew.

So make tanks into “brawlers” who dare not brawl because they can’t be healed effectively while they are doing it. Sounds great.

Exactly how though. Utility has been complained about as much as healing, maybe even more so. Support utility will always feel bad for the enemy so it will always get complained about and generally nerfed.

Well I don’t know, I’m not a game developer.

I know what it does, I’m not sure why this is a good thing. Its just like patting the supports on the head and saying “alright, wait until we’re done fighting to do your thing”.


^ Yeah, I agree with that. People have been up in arms about rez, certain uses of GA, blue beam, discord, shield bash, inspire, rally, armor packs (RIP), immortality field, nano, antinade, sleep dart, and even had a go at speed boost when it was enabling brawl tanks to rush point.

If CC is out, and other utility makes people mad, there’s precious little for the supports to actually do.

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Guess I’m not playing Tank or Support, then.

Look at it this way. Blizz have the data on all the hero stats.

They’re nerfing healing for a reason not just because they want to upset support players.

It makes sense, with 1 less hero each side, that healing will have to be lowered in some capacity as it is currently balanced for 6v6. :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

Devs: “we’re testing a healing reduction of 25% for 4 seconds after a hero takes damage”
You: “healing is useless until the end of the fight!!1”

LOL! The responses to this tweak have been hilarious lately! :rofl: :upside_down_face: :thinking: