Overwatch/Battlenet logs me out randomly

My Overwatch or Battlenet (seemingly both) is disconnecting constantly. I will get kicked and entirely logged out of Overwatch during most games I play. When I have the battlenet launcher open sometimes I can tab out and see that it is refreshing (the issue persists when the launcher is closed though). Sometimes it won’t happen all day, then other times it will happen like six times within ten minutes. My internet is great and I have no other connection issues in any other games or programs. This happens usually in the middle of matches and sometimes even in the main menu. It happens repeatedly to the point where I get penalized and my XP gets reduced for several matches; 75% reduction is insane by the way and I currently am being penalized for 10 more matches (which will probably go up since I keep getting kicked). Most of the time when I leave I am able to log back in within like 5-10 seconds, and I am already replaced and penalized further for leaving. All I want is to play the game. I’ve re-installed the game and tried every fix that’s recommended for the “Disconnected from Blizzard Services” problem and similar problems, nothing works. I’ve seen forum posts of people who are having the same or similar issues, but no fixes. Please help


I suspect random logouts are what is causing the vast majority of instant disconnects happening to people on the forums. Though Blizzard seems hellbent on ignoring this and will probably gaslight players about their internet until they quit.

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