Overwatch2 news soon?

Blizzard said they will attend to ChinaJoy exhibition in Asia.
Considering they already talked about wow and diablo at the ign summer festival,

Can we expect any news for ovewatch 2?


I’m doubting it. I think they’re just gonna reveal information in the online event they have planned for 2021.

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Then why attending there at all?

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You know Overwatch isn’t the only title Blizzard has, right?


It would be nice. But highly unlikely

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I can’t wait another whole year for more content D:

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Forgive me for my comment, but this is the most weak logical statement ever made in this forum.

Yes, I know overwatch is not the only game, but they already gave news about other games a month ago… still ow 2 is a new game they NEED to talk about considering we got 0 news about it since blizzcon.

Waiting for 2021 for news it’s too much and it will make people lose their hype.

Ya it only makes sense. I mean, they just released a hero in HotS and Hearthstone had an expansion thing (released or coming soon?). WoW already showed Shadowlands. I have no idea about Diablo. OW2 is at the top of the list of priorities for sure, so it’s definitely possible

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Exactly, other games they are working on already got news. I highly doubt they will show these games again

I’m pretty sure you’re over-exaggerating.

Lol, they’re still giving a lot of info and news about said titles. They didn’t just say something a month ago and then go radio silent.

Blizzard are also making new titles.

We were told we’d get more info around Blizzcon.

Blizzcon got cancelled.

I know. I said “around Blizzcon”. They’re still doing an online event a little later after the cancelled Blizzcon’s intended date.

They said there will be a replacement hosting

But it’s on 2021. I doubt people will accept an empty content until 2021

Early 2021. Blizzcon is late 2020.

Do you even read at all what i say?

Blizzcon is cancelled. They said they will be hosting something online in 2021. Never said the date.

It would be more than a year of no content besides echo. These mini events and seasonal ar ok, but they are mostly copy paste of old stuff

It’s Early 2021. I’m like 99% sure that was specified.

Be like me and just play other games. We were told from the moment OW2 announced that there would be a massive content drought.

Because they never expected a worldwide pandemy to hit a couple of months later…

Except the announcement of an online event is because of the pandemic. Besides, even without COVID from Blizzard’s words alone Overwatch 2 is looking at a mid 2021 release. During this time period, the developers made it very clear that there’s gonna be a lack of content.