Overwatch won't Launch

The game was a little choppy, so i closed the game and started shutting down procresses running in the background that seemed excessive. Now when I try loading the game, a black window opens up, like the game is about to launch, and then it closes after a second or two.

Things I’ve tried include: turning PC off and on again; checking videocard drivers; scanning Overwatch for damaged files; running Battle.net as admin; installing software to make sure a keyboard key wasn’t stuck; reinstalling Overwatch; reinstalling Battle.net then reinstalling Overwatch. Nothing had worked so far. I am able to run Hearthstone just fine. Or other shooters, like TF2 just fine.

I have a 8700k, 32gb of ram, 5700XT, windows 10 pro 64 bit, 285GB free in the 2TB ssd I have Battlenet and OW installed in.

The most common cause of this is Razer Chroma software.

thanks for the reply. It seemed like more effort that the support ticket response that just copy pasted the entire troubleshooting guide. I don’t have Razer Chroma. I think i accidentally just deleted some program in windows that is required for OW. As deleted excessive background programs is what I was going right before it stopped launching. And nothing would fix the problem. I ended up just having to do a fresh install of Windows.

Is it working again at least? If not, report back and I’ll try to help.

yeah, it’s working after the fresh windows install

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