Overwatch won't Launch on Windows 10

When I launch Overwatch from the battle.net app or by directly clicking it’s executable, it indicates the game is running and the screen goes black for a moment then back to the launcher. The game was working fine yesterday with no updates or major software changes on the PC.

I renamed the Overwatch folder and performed a clean install. No luck.
I also have the PTR installed and it has the same issue.
I dual boot Windows 7 which shares the game files with Win10. Works fine on Windows 7 so I know the game is not corrupt.

I can’t think of anything else to try. Any thoughts/assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hey there!

If I were taking a bet on this, based on everything you said, I’d bet that you are experiencing a bug with an old build of Razer Synapse/Chroma. Razer has since fixed it but you probably still have the old data on your Win10 build.

If that doesn’t work, my next best guess would be out of date drivers or windows. Double check those for me?

If you’re still having trouble after this troubleshooting, please generate a text copy of your DxDiag using these instructions. Once you have that made, open the file. Copy the code below, then copy/paste everything from that DXDiag file between the rows of tilde (~) marks where it says “DXDiag goes here.”

DXDiag goes here
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Wow! - You’re on it! I have been having some Razer problems. Just updated my Nvidia drivers which the lastest actually came today with no luck, and discovered Overwatch had logs. Pasting anyway, but I agree its my crummy Razer. Thanks!

[3208] [ERR] [bnl] [External(0)] [External()] [2019-05-27T15:34:24.003Z]: Network: [20190527T11:34:24] {8d4} ERR: network dispatcher: action posted after shutdown