Overwatch will not stop crashing

I’m a high diamond player and consistently improving. I find it quite hard to gain ELO when randomly my game crashes and gives me -50 SR and a suspension. My graphics card is suboptimal, but it runs overwatch on low settings. Its an AMD R7 240. I have updated my drivers, closed out of all background applications, and have tried reinstalling the drivers. My game will load in and crash within twenty seconds or two minutes of a game. I find it much more common in comp than in qp or arcade, but i mostly play comp so that may be why. If anyone could help me figure out why that keeps happening i would really appreciate it

Hey Sloth, a bunch of us are currently having a plethora of issues just like this. I’ve already uninstalled but that’s because I was convinced it was something on my end system wise. Turns out it’s more than likely the game client. Hang ten, if we hear anything I’ll be sure to respond back to your post.

  • Are you seeing an error code when this happens? If so, please share it.
  • Have you opened a ticket for this issue with Blizz staff?
  • If you want to troubleshoot here, please post a DxDiag and WinMTR. Use ~~~ on the lines before and after for better formatting. Break links with a space inserted somewhere in the address.

Heres the crash report i keep getting DFC241AE-ADAC-4B27-A260-C77C76996989. Also, I cant figure out how to add a DxDiag and WinMTR, im really sorry but thanks for your help.

Just type ~~~ one one line, hit enter, paste the report, hit enter, type ~~~ again on next line.

Hello Sloth!

Thanks for providing your crash info. It looks like your GPU is trying to page memory when you crashed - are there other applications running while you are trying to play Overwatch that might be using GPU resources?

A couple ideas to try… if you are trying to run full screen, perhaps try a lower resolution (not render scale, actual resolution) to save on GPU memory. If your graphics settings didn’t choose low texture quality already, give that a try. Finally, I see you are running some overlays (Discord for example), you might try disabling those to give you back some GPU memory.

Hope that helps!


To add on to what bruce says, I see two such programs in the crash you posted. One is Discord Overlay. Try disabling that in your discord app>overlay settings. The other is Razer Chroma which is known to cause some conflicts if it’s out of date or updated incorrectly. If just getting rid of discord overlay doesn’t fix it up, follow the steps here.

Either of these work?