Overwatch unplayable

(on PC)
so every time i go launch overwatch, my ping raises to over 5000, and because of that i cant even get on. my gpu and ram are well over reccomended. while launching, it doesnt just put my overwatch ping to 5000, but also discord. the game worked fine up until last week. i scanned for bugs, reset drivers, downloaded new ones, and ever uninstalled and still nothing. so if anybody know something that might work, anything will help

Yo, this is happening to me as well… I have literally done everything the stupid support page says to do and nothing. I have no idea what the problem is here but I wish someone from Blizzard would actually help…

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Hey there BigDaddyBen,

That sounds like a connection issue is going on somewhere. That can be due to something on the system, network, or the ISP. Can we get a Winmtr test ran that captures when this increase happens so we can better narrow down where it’s happening?

Try to run the test for 3-15 minutes and reset it if no increase happens. Once it’s captured in the test, you can stop the test and either save it in a text file. Then copy and paste the results and paste it between two ~~~ like so:

MTR Here

If you have issues pasting here, use Pastebin and post the end of the link. (ie. 123456 for pastebin.com/123456)

Jacksun, you can also get the above and we can check it out. It may be a different cause so starting your own thread is best, but if it’s a disconnection or latency spike, the test is going to be needed still to start checking and narrow things down.

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