Overwatch Two ?. Title

Any new updates? Any reason to be hyped for it?

Jesus, why does a title have to be 15 characters? Not like you can’t see the first sentence of the post when you hover over the title.

There has been very little news since BlizzCon. I myself am very excited for it as I got to play it hands on at BlizzCon. Everything we know about it is pretty well found here:

The 15 character title minimum and the 20 character post minimum ensures posts have some relavant amount of effort and generate positive and constructive discussion.

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I don’t suspect we’ll get any news until next year’s blizzcon. They are still pretty early in development with it from what I gathered and they said it’s still a long ways off.

But you can easily get away with writing nonsense words though, just to deal with the limit…

Oh I am explaining what the intended purpose of the character minimum is for… I didn’t say we were actually doing it…

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That is very slim on these forums.

Yes… that is very true.


After the announcement, I believe Jeff said they’d be going dark for a while.


Wait Wyoming, you played it? Can you tell me what it was like? I’ve seen videos I just wanna know like… How did it feel, who did you play as, how does it compare to PvE events from Archives? How do items feel to use? Basically any question I could possibly have I’d love to hear an answer to, I’m BEYOND excited for OW2 and wanna know as much about it as I can!

I have comments about my experience playing the story mode in Overwatch 2 in my 2019 BlizzCon blog thread here:

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Overwatch balance is screwed hard so OW2’s PvE being free from need to balance against heroes and not jailed in really bad to play against hero designs cough Mei cough Doomfist cough Widowmaker cough should be very welcome by people (including myself) who love the universe and want to play a game from it but are sick and tired of Overwatch (I mean the game, not the universe obviously). Unless Blizzard manages to screw up with OW2 too.

Thanks I’m gonna read it right now!