Overwatch stutters a lot and constant FPS drops when initially started up. Issue usually clears up after 20 mins or so

Was wondering what would cause this issue. Whenever I start up Overwatch it just runs very terribly with constant stuttering even in the hero gallery. For example on startup when I try to use any heroes ability for the first time the game freezes for a second or two. I’ve checked that my drivers are all up to date and there is no overheating issue happening from what I can tell.


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While you wait for assistance, I suggest opening the Windows Reliability History tool, which may show you what’s happening in the background to cause any errors.


I do also see a LiveKearnelEvent error code 144

The 144 code refers to a problem with USB3 devices. You could try moving them to different ports or removing peripherals you don’t need.

Other than that, there is only one RAM error related to Overwatch. It’s Windows saying “This app is using a lot of the remaining RAM available.” Sometimes this means too much is running in the background. You could try these steps:

I am in the exact situation and glad to see im not alone. If anything you found works please share!

So I’ve been having the same issues but the only fix ive found was reinstalling an older nvidia driver, I went back to ver. 456.38 and now I atleast get 60fps instead of the game not being playable.

I would like to note that I also only noticed this issue when i updated my nvidia drivers on the 29th. Guess ill have to consider a reinstall on the older one.

If reinstalling a old driver does not work (457.30 suggested by blizzard technician assistance, but some users sovled with 457.09 here in the forums) check your gpu usage. If is not 90%+ but on 40-60% (70% if you play 1440p) you’ve a bug issue atm unsolved. You find my thread here: