Overwatch stuck


After queueing for a quick play, I was on the loading screen for 5 minutes after which it told me that I would be removed due to inactivity but I was still on the loading screen, so after being removed I queued again in which it showed me a black screen (total black screen not any loading screen) for another 5 minutes which forced me to force close the game. Now after closing the game, on the battle.net program it still shows that overwatch is running even though it’s not and I checked on my task manager and it’s also not there. I also tried restarting the program and restarting my computer which led to no good results.


try verifying the games cache or reinstall the game


This has happened to be so many times. It’s not an internet issue, but I played 3x comp games and gained like 70SR from winning, then the 4th game I got kicked for “inactivity” when it’s OVERWATCH that is not loading me in. It’s very annoying and I don’t think this issue should be happening? Especially in a competitive match.


maby its your computer specs i dont know then


Running into the Same issue after the Patch today… Been playing this game since Beta up until now, and I load the game to no background but the blue default screen, cant look at heroes in Gallery and on top of it the Loading screen that times me out for inactivity. Not sure what the issue is, but I had the same problem when I tried to log into the PTR to try out Ashe. now that its live I get the same problem on live. its got to be something on their end.

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Hey there, we have more information about this problem in this thread.

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