Overwatch Streaming Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting

Hey kaMMakaZzi9 where can I see this poll?

The poll was last week.

Same, i have received up to 140 tokens, but still missing the SOE-spary aswerll.

Still no Brig skin, and I’ve watched practically every broadcast save for maybe a couple. I’ve gotten the Echo skin early April without a hitch, and the OWL tokens have been flowing pretty steadily that I’ve already bought the MM-Mei skin from only this month’s tokens, and I still have change. It really seems bugged, I hope they’d let us have it or at least give us another chance next month without the bugs. I don’t really mind watching OWC, it’s entertaining as hell, but they did promise the skins for watching.


Yeah, both times I had seen the green icon (contenders) and pink icon (for OWL). yet even yesterday with it, completely logged in, I got 0 OWL tokens. Just sucks because I’ve gotten every limited edition skin/spray, and now the Brig and the Soe Spray won’t be something I get because of some type of bug.

For everyone still struggling to get Brigitte, remember there are 6 more broadcasts through May 4th to get that skin. I am doing everything I can to communicate your reports appropriately and I am hoping for any issues on Blizzard’s end to be addressed as well.

As a reminder, if you are missing Echo but you have earned Brigitte, I have a separate topic set up for you to report: Contenders Skins: Missing Echo but got Brigitte? Post here!

I see a few of you reporting not getting the Soe Super Fans spray, but I am afraid there is little I can do about that. From what I can tell, a high majority of users successfully earned it once it became available in the game client. Remember that was ONLY available on the Opening Weekend of Overwatch League and you had to watch 4 hours from that weekend. It is no longer available.


Ok so, Ive been streaming most of the matches through the last couple of weeks - League (not contenders) on various devices - Sometimes Phone / Tablet / PC / Laptop - depending on which one I was using at the time.

Did everything in terms of connections (even shows connected on YT - Still haven’t got a single token drop this season. I wonder what’s going on? :frowning:

Could it be because I have a YT premium account?

What is your country of residence? Have you tried using the older method of watching on OverwatchLeague.com signed into your BattleNet account?

Country - India (AFAIK - doesn’t fall in the restricted list)

aaaand Nope - Havent tried the older method - although i tried logging in earlier and it didnt. So there’s that.

Try watching on OverwatchLeague.com, if you are having problems signing in, make sure to clear out your web cookies for the OverwatchLeague.com page. Also review all of my troubleshooting steps in the starting post.

Will do. Thanks a ton!

I’m posting this in all the relevant topics (This topic and the one for reporting the missing Echo skin: Contenders Skins: Missing Echo but got Brigitte? Post here!) hoping that it may be useful

I’m posting this as an update on my missing Echo skin situation.

I’m not sure how many hours I’ve logged in total but I think I’ve logged another 15+ hours from my last post, so maybe 40+ hours. I checked my hero gallery now and am happy to report that I FINALLY have my Echo skin.

I’m not sure if it’s due to anything done from the support side or if watching the extra hours did it or the glitch just randomly fixed itself or if it just took over 3 weeks to get added to my hero gallery as apposed to the max 48 hours. All I know is that I now have the skin and am super happy. Thank you Wyoming for all your assistance, you are a legend.

So, to the others who are still missing the Echo skin, check if you have her now. If not, maybe just watch every possible stream that’s left and see if she pops up or not. If not, let’s hope that they can make some sort of arrangement to have a second chance to earn the skins in May.

That’s it from me. I hope the rest of you get your missing Echo and Brigitte skins soon.


This is surprisingly good news, I will keep an eye out for other reports from other users.

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Finally Started working. Just re-did all the connections and its ok now. Wew.

please check my account why I didn’t get Brig skin, I’ve watched more than 15 hours

I was able to receive 35 Overwatch League tokens today, but the Brigette drop still has not shown up. Went from 71 to 106 after today’s matches, but somehow the Brigette skin is not dropping. When I have been turning up to view Contenders matches, I go through the troubleshooting method of resetting account connections along with clearing cookies and cache (for Chrome) and also signing back in, while having multiple browsers open and disabling/removing adblockers. On my YouTube account that is tied to my Blizzard account, I have viewed the past week:

Contenders Australia | S1 Regular Season | Playoffs Day 2

Contenders North America | S1 April | Day 3

Contenders North America | S1 April | Day 2
Contenders Korea Season 1 Interleague Day 2

Contenders North America | S1 April | Day 1
Contenders Korea Season 1 Interleague Day 1

wait is it possible to get 15 hours from may 1st to 4th? I dont think im make it and I thought I got it this month D:

There is still barely enough for a total of 15 hours in the remaining six broadcasts among Korea, Europe, and North America.

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Damn D: and Im guessing there wont be a second chance.