Overwatch Streaming Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting

Hi, is there any information on when the OWL skins (the grey/white ones) will go Live? I watched OWL these 2 last weekends and got the tokens for watching but no skin or spray yet

Same thing for me I’ve got the Brigitte Skin but not the Echo one.

Hey everyone, if you are tagged in this reply, it means I need very specific information from all of you. I have started a separate topic here on the forums to gather information for those who did NOT get the Echo skin but did get the Brigitte skin.

If you guys can check out that topic and report the specific information I am seeking, it will be appreciated.

Quoting specific users to get their attention

The Ana OWL Gray and White skin will be available to earn on the May Melee tournament weekend of May 7th and 8th.

Streams watched
Regular Season Week 4
Group Stage Week 3 Day 1
Group Stage Week 3 Day 2
Group Stage Week 4 Day 1
Group Stage Week 4 Day 2
Group Stage Week 5 Day 1
Group Stage Week 5 Day 2
Interleague Day 2
eu Tournament 2 Day 2 - inprogress

and maybe an hour or two can’t remember the day
I think I earned the brig skin mid april can’t remember the specific day, but its def before april 20th

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Thanks for reporting in, please also posted in my linked topic to make sure I include your results when I start pooling the data.

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Oh so the tracer one wasn’t obtainable by watching the streams on the last two weekends but its some other specific ones called Meelee, correct?

Yeah, they are heavily using the Tracer one in marketing materials, but it was last available by watching the 2020 Grand Finals.

Oh that makes sense then, thank you for the explanation. Have a good day.

Got Echo’s skin but missing Brigitte’s.

I know I’ve seen on my phone and pc.

Thursday, April 1st @ 7:00 PM - :australia: - Regular Season Week 4

Friday, April 2nd @ 10:00 AM - :us: - Tournament 1 Day 4

Thursday, April 8th @ 7:00 PM - :australia: - Regular Season Week 5

There maybe one other I’m missing, but I can’t recall which one. I’d have to check my phone’s history later.

Still no Brig, cleared cookies, have removed and relinked OWL site permissions in BNet. Have watched the majority of Korean, Australian and Chinese games plus a couple of NA, so I’m well over the 15hrs. Frustrating :confused:


question how would i get the spray Soe made like i got the tokens and all but not the spray any ideas

The spray will be arriving later for those who have watched four hours on the opening weekend of OverWatch League


oh ya i have them hours covered so its waiting game good good ty for replying me

I’ve been watching throughout the month. I have noticed where refreshing on both Chrome (desktop and mobile) and Firefox (desktop and mobile) would log me out after a bit. I’ve been viewing on Firefox for the past week as there was some issues with Chrome for OWL tokens. I have gotten OWL tokens from Firefox from the past weekend, but still no Brigette Contenders skin. I have unlinked my OWL site connection and relinked. I have logged out and back in on both Firefox and Chrome currently. The green light has been on throughout the past week, so not sure what the issue is.

Viewing history over the past two weeks:
North America | S1 April | Day 2 (Have mobile and desktop open)
Europe | S1 April | Day 2
Korea Season 1 Interleague Day 2
North America | S1 April | Day 1
Europe | S1 April | Day 1
Korea Season 1 Interleague Day 1
Australia | S1 Regular Season | Playoffs Day 1

Has any1 here had to deal with missing skins before? Like was blizzard able to restore the contender’s skin if they confirmed you did have confirmed hours or it’s a known bug? Or is it your out of luck sir :confused: no more skin forever

I think in the future there should be a progress bar, so you can monitor your progress.
At the moment we have to rely on someone else and in the end they simply will say simply sorry and you will miss your skin.

Got echo with first week. And still no brig. Have watched with different browsers and computers. No problem with OWL tokens


yea, its pretty frustrating not knowing how many hours you have watched


I actually didn’t want to post in the forums anymore since I play Overwatch rarely nowadays but

When the month had passed by and you missed out the skin although you’ve watched enough games you won’t get the skin afterwards. But there had been problems in the past aswell, right at the beginning when not everyone was able to unlock Mercy in October. Blizzard then added the skins for December. You’d have to watch 18 hours (for Symmetra, in this case Echo) and 20 hours (for Mercy, in this case Brigitte).


Failed to earn Contenders Symmetra or Mercy skins? IMPORTANT UPDATE ANNOUNCED!

Greetings from EU, Germany.


I cant wait to see what the Contenders Skins are for May…hopefully its… MEI.