Overwatch Streaming Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting - CLOSED

No there is not. They clearly specify the website only for this promotion.

I think we need to hang tight for now. When the 2021 season starts(expected April 2020), I have the feeling new rewards will be become available (just don’t hold me to that).

Shame, but I guess I can use my phone browser. Haven’t had much time to use my pc as of late.

I won’t hold you to that, it just seems a little late to capitalize on those skins.

Thanks for the tip!

I am surprised Blizzard has not done that themselves to be honest.

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Some of these times… OOF. Waking up at 2 AM EST on a work night to get a contenders stream on for rewards…

Will it work streaming the website from my iPhone?



I cannot log into the Overwatch League website and I have tried all of the troubleshooting steps in the first post of this thread. I had the same problem during Season 3 of Overwatch League and I simply gave up trying to get it to work.

When I log in, it just takes me back right back to the main page with the option to log in again. Here is some amplifying information:

** Your hardware platform (Personal Computer, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android Device, Apple Device, etc.)*
I play on PC primarily, but I also have an Xbox account linked.
** Your platform’s Operating System or firmware version (Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, MacOS 10.13 High Sierra, Xbox One version 10.0.16299.5101, PlayStation 4 version 5.53, Android Oreo 8.1, iOS 11, etc.)*
Windows 10 Desktop PC
** Your App or Web Browser and current version (Overwatch League App on Android, Google Chrome 65.0.3325.181, etc)*
Google Chrome, Version 86.0.4240.75 (Official Build) (64-bit)
** Your Country of Residence (USA, Canada, Great Britain, Etc.)*
I have cleared all browser cookies and cache, removed and added the Overwatch League Page to Connections on my account settings multiple times, and I am not running any adblocking or similar plugins on my browser. I have followed all of the steps in the first post with the exception of simply using another browser because Chrome is listed as the ‘most recommended’ browser.

Lastly, I’m asking for help here. Is there anything else that I should try before giving up on the Contenders viewing awards, as well?

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Try changing your Blizzard Account password. This does a full account refresh and fixes many issues with this type of a login problem.


Thank you for the quick reply.

Password changed, tried logging in again and entered new password then approved on mobile authenticator. Same result, right back to the main screen with the option to log in again.

One additional piece of information - not sure if this helps and it’s not new - but the following is in the browser address bar after /contenders


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Thank you. The way they split up all the schedules made it difficult to follow.


Really shoulda put quotations around “enjoy”

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Go ahead and try using a different web browser.

Log in successful with Microsoft Edge Version 86.0.622.38 (Official build) (64-bit)

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Thanks for the feedback on that. That tells me something was bugged with your Chrome Installation (note, I tested several times signing in and out on Chrome and had no problems with it today). You might have to completely uninstall and reinstall Chrome if you wish to watch on that browser.

Hey everyone! Korea Playoffs Night 1 is now live! Has four best-of-three matches tonight so expect over 6 hours of great Overwatch tonight!


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Just to be sure - Can I keep the stream on my phone using Chrome and still get the skin rewards? :slight_smile:

Yes, you must be on a web browser but any device including phones are fine.

Ok that’s great. The website on PC uses up a lot of my CPU for some reason so I’ll just keep it on my phone now.

I log in (on Chrome), go to the Contenders website, there is live streaming now, I see it says I need to Login to get rewards, I click Login, the page refreshes and nothing happens…

Blizzard site says I am logged in, but not Contenders. Had this problem with OWL on PC too. Am I logged in or not???

Also, got tokens for OWL finals, but not Tracer skin or other rewards…WTH

(I also have the same login problem on Chrome on my phone (galaxy S10) so had to watch OWL on app)

I see someone else had this problem. I reset my password, and tried Edge. No change.

Try this procedure:

  1. On Google Chrome, go to OverwatchLeague.com
  2. Look for the Padlock icon next to the domain name entry field on Google Chrome and click it
  3. Click Cookies (## in use)
  4. Delete all cookies by clicking the remove button until the list is empty
  5. Press Ctrl+F5
  6. Sign in again

Same problem. I even tried the Samsung browser on my phone, and that’s doing the same thing. 4 browsers on 2 different devices should not have the same error…especially when I have cleared caches and so on…I don’t understand what piece is missing.

Thank you for clearing out your browser cache, can you go to account.blizzard.com/connections and remove the permissions for the Overwatch League Page. (This will do a force sign out of the account on OverwatchLeague.com). Then try signing in again.