Overwatch Still Crashing On Launch

A hotfix was released for the issue of the game instantly crashing, however my game still does the same thing. I’ve checked for updates and repaired the game, however to no avail. What should I do?

I recommend a reinstall.

Tried this 2 times already, also tried reinstalling battle.net. Updated drivers, repaired the files, checked for updates, etc etc.

Game crashes usually have very specific causes, but any number of specific things could cause the issue for you. If there was a crash issue that we determined needed a service side fix and that fix was deployed but you are still seeing crashes then those crashes were not likely related to the crashes you are seeing.

In this case it will help if we could get some system information as per the instructions listed here:

Gather that info and reply back. Include specific details of the crash. What you are doing when it happens, are there any specific error message codes or crash report IDs etc… anything that can help us track down the cause so we can offer a solution.

I can’t post the DxDiag contents, the forum is telling me it’s too many characters. I formatted it this way:


Would you like me to send it some different way instead?

I have tried reinstalling battle.net and overwatch, running them both as an administrator, clearing the caches, updating my graphics drivers, repairing the files, checking for updates, and I think that’s everything I’ve done. I’d like to note I haven’t made any changes with any sort of settings in the game or on my computer before this problem began happening.

Essentially what happens is when I click the play button in battle.net, the game opens on a black screen for around 5 seconds, and then just closes.

Update; since I couldn’t post the DxDiag I decided to look through it myself and found that “RzChromaSDK64.dll_unloaed; version:” is the “faulting module” (no clue what that means).

I deleted all razer programs around a week ago, so I don’t understand why this is still crashing it?

This issue is mentioned in the troubleshooting threads pinned at the top of the forum.

You have to manually delete some of the Razer files, they are not removed with their uninstall process.

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I actually just got finished doing this! Kershew and Nicole, thank you for the help. Game works again.


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