Overwatch Server Connection

I keep getting a connection error and I looked online and currently 69% of the players are having connection issues. The first comp game i get in, I lose connection and got a 24 hr ban. That’s unfair. I’m on ps4 too

Not sure where this information is coming from? There are no major connection outages being reported. Can you please try the steps offered by staff in this forum and report back?

The info is from a down detector website. Probably not the most reliable ik, but still. Is there any way I can get my suspension removed? Please?

We are not able to assist with penalties that occurred due to a disconnect. If you’re having connection issues we’ll want to troubleshoot those. For that to happen, we’ll need to know more about the information. You had mentioned a connection error. Are you disconnecting or having latency issues or both? In either case we’ll want to have a traceroute ran. Please also include any steps you’ve already taken.

My game runs fine everytime then one day I started to get the connection error and so did all of my friends that I was playing with. I did lag in game, but that stopped. I’ll be playing a game with no lag or anything and then get disconnected. I reset my router and ps4 many times and nothing happened. I’ve played maybe an 30mins to an hour today and nothing happened surprisingly. Dunno what is up right now…and I’m on PS4 so idk how to run a traceroute

I just got kicked out in a middle of competitive game because “Connection Issue” , even though my internet connection is working fine at the time.
And it just happens to need to download the patch, making me unable to get back in the game.
Losing SR is just a joke at this point but it’s infuriating that I get a penalty for something I didn’t do. This is not the first time that this has happened to me.

Edit: The friend I was playing with was still in the match by the way, along with other players.
Edit 2: The “Pause updates when I launch game” thing is also checked.

your game has technical issues and you allow these SR losses + bans to stay in place?

what do you blizzard “tech support” people even do besides deny there are issues in overwatch? clearly not helping users who are dealing with your buggy app + patches