Overwatch running very bad on my PC

Hi, for some reason overwatch on my PC is not running as nearly as it should: on menu with all settings on low and all deactivated it runs at around 10-20 FPS, while in game it stutters and drops to 0-7. I have a laptop with a GTX 1050ti so the game should run at 60 or more (i’ve seen some benchmarks with it around 100+ fps on low and yes, i mean with a laptop 1050ti).

Things i’ve tried to fix it:

  • Making battle.net launcher to close when launching a game (bnet settings)
  • Repairing the game
  • Uninstalling and installing the game
  • Using different DirectX versions (We even tried DX9 but none worked)
  • Stopping all background processes
  • Closing all overlays (discord, xbox DVR and game bar, etc)
  • Mess with the game settings (i’ve tried all, and yes, FPS are not capped either)
  • Removing drivers via DDU and installing an older version that i knew it could run OW correctly. After that i also tried installing the newest drivers again and it didn’t work either.
  • Checking msiconfig dlls
    Also, i don’t have any Razer software so it’s not RZSynapse.

Please, help. I’ve tried a lot of things without any result. One thing i’ve noticed is that on any graphics settings (low, mid, high) i have literally the same fps numbers on menu and in-game. Thanks in advance for your help

It doesn’t look like you have done anything involving your graphics card yet though.

Updating/Reinstalling your Graphics Card Driver

Updating your graphics card driver will, in most cases, ensure Overwatch will be able to run with the latest patches. You can often update your driver through support programs like Nvidia® GeForce Experience or AMD® Radeon ReLive .

In the unlikely event, however, if you are finding that after simply updating you are experiencing low FPS, you may need to consider doing a full reinstall of the graphics card driver. Download the most recent Nvidia® or AMD® for your system. Then use Display Driver Uninstaller to completely clean out your old driver. Locate your downloaded driver and install it.

There are several settings in your graphics card control panel that are not available in your graphics card experience suite that can be changed to positively impact your game. To reach your graphics card control panel, go to your Windows desktop (minimize or close all programs), right-click any empty space, and select the graphics card control panel shortcut that appears in the pop-up menu. For the most part, keep most of these settings at default unless you are experiencing performance issues overall. However, it is recommended to change four specific settings for both Overwatch Launcher.exe and Overwatch.exe. If you do not see one or both of these, click the Add button and locate the executables in your Program Files (x86) folder. In the Nvidia control panel, you can specify which 3D settings are running for each program.

3D Settings > CUDA – GPUs: Here you can specify which graphics card or chipset (if you have multiple) are running on your system. Most likely you will want to choose your most powerful one.

CUDA - GPU Setting

3D Settings > Power Management Mode: Here you can specify the power performance of your graphics card. This setting is especially important for laptops. Please note, whenever you play Overwatch on a laptop, make sure to always be plugged into electrical power and not run off the battery. For this setting, manually set to Prefer maximum performance.

Power Management Setting

Configure Surround, PhysX > PhysX Setting: This is a global setting to make sure your primary graphics card is being used over the CPU to ensure proper graphical rendering. Make sure it is set to your preferred graphics card.

PhysX setting

Adjust Display Size and Position > Refresh Rate: Finally, check this setting to ensure you have the highest possible refresh rate being sent to the monitor.

Refresh Rate Setting

UPDATE: I did everything u said and nothing worked :frowning: what else should i try? Thanks in advance

Post a DxDiag on Pastebin.com and link us.

Also check for overheating.

dxdiag 3-29-2021 - Pastebin.com afaik nothing is overheating. Thanks for your help btw

A crash from the GPU driver is showing up:

Event Name: LiveKernelEvent
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: 141

Event Name: APPCRASH
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: webwallpaper32.exe

Live wallpapers on the desktop? Sometimes these cause problems.

Event Name: StoreAgentScanForUpdatesFailure0
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: Update;

Manually check for Windows updates.

Btw, the drivers are reporting as a version from 2020, so that might be a problem if there are fragments from many versions.

Tried everything u said, different driver versions, newest and latest via DDU. Updated windows and also deleted wallpaper engine, nothing worked. Anything else i should try? :frowning:

UPDATE: I just fixed it putting all options for Overwatch on manual from Nvidia’s control panel, i don’t really know what was happening but i’ll let the solution here if someone needs. Thanks a lot Nicole and WyomingMyst for your help though <3

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