Overwatch running on igpu instead of dgpu

The game has become unplayable for me because the game runs on the integrated gpu instead of the dedicated gpu in my laptop. I tried forcing the game to use the dedicated gpu in my nvidia settings but it still was unplayable, like 20 fps. How do I fix this?

Hey there DarkStorm,

If this is a Desktop PC, please check which space the monitor cable is plugged into! If it is not plugged into the dedicated gpu it cannot use it for display in most cases. Monitors should always be plugged directly into the dedicated gpu if possible.

If this is a laptop, please check the power settings in:

  • GeForce Experience
  • Windows
  • Any 3rd party software that may have been pre-installed on the PC. Common examples include: Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, HP, Alienware, etc.

Any settings for power should be set to Max Performance instead of quiet mode or power saver. Both options will limit power and fan speed which will hurt performance!

I also recommend disabling any “Game Optimization” done by GeForce Expeirence or similar game optimization programs. Once any such programs or features are disabled please also reset the game settings.

Let us know how things go. Cheers!

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