Overwatch refund request

I recently downloaded the Overwatch client to my laptop only to soon find out that my laptop isn’t ‘advanced’ enough to run the game. Constant laggy/unresponsive play that becomes extremely annoying. Could someone point me in the right direction to get a refund? Perhaps a phone number for customer service.


Support is here, from there go to Account, App, and Shop>Payments>Blizzard Shop-Digital>Request a refund.

I have no experience asking for Refunds from blizzard but that seems like where you should go, if not I’m sure they’ll redirect you after you open a ticket, sorry to hear you can’t get it to work.

Alternatively this is the techncal support forum so if you think you have the proper specs to run it you could try asking for some advice as to why it may not be working.


if you go this route look at a ram upgrade. I upgraded my ram on my desktop and it did more for the playability than the gpu i put in.
The only thing my computer had going for it was the processor,
all in I upgraded for about $140

Adding more ram can be risky though.
There is a chance you can damage your pc. It is way too risky to do just to play a game.

Blizzard typically offers refunds for reasons like yours as long as you made your purchase within 14 days. You can begin a refund by starting a web ticket here:


Remember to check and compare to see if your computer meets the recommended system requirements of the game. Alternatively there is a lot of great troubleshooting available to identify problems that causes poor performance available here:

I need a way to contact someone for a refund. bought the game in 2020 and played for about 60days worth in hrs. Don’t know the exact amount. I can’t get in because I have a pre-paid phone and never had to do the battle net crap and I can’t play screw that. Does anyone know how to contact someone so I can at least try even though its prob not going to do anything. If there is a workaround that would be cool.