Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – September 21, 2018


You guys should be more open with the playerbase especially with the direction you are takeing characters in. We haven’t gotten any updates on sym even though her primary is the worst gun in the game. I’m getting frustrated by your lack of acknowledgement. What’s the point of the ptr if your not going to respond to any of the advice we give you.


Just gonna keep nerfing Brigitte, huh? Good move bliz.


Pls i beg you to put scatter arrow back in the game.


I think that since the impact damage has increased and splash has gone down, Pharah’s projectile speed should increase to make the impact hits more likely.


So I just tried the PTR again, and noticed that Torbjorn doesn’t need to destroy his turret to redeploy it. You still cant redeploy while it is in combat, but after that you can just pres shift again and redeploy the turret without any cooldown. What’s the use of the destroy option then? is this intended?


So glad they are updating Soldier76 he needed that little bost really bad imo. Thank you xoxo


@Overwatch team. In the ptr I noticed it was a little hard to calculate just where the turret would end up when thrown while playing as torbjorn. It’s a bit inconvenient if you throw it and it ends up where it’s useless. Maybe some kind of aiming mechanism that will show you where will land, like symmettra’s teleporter?


Is this going to happen soon? Because my friends keeps talking about how great the new Torb is, and stuck here with Level 3 turrets.


Most likely Tuesday :slight_smile:


Thanks, dood. This must be over 20 characters, so this is my fill.


has roadhog’s changes been put through yet? i know they are not in the notes but they dont always put them in the notes


Hey, when will the current PTR goes live? I want to play the new Torb, try out Pharah & change the colors. Yes, I’m on console. Will it go live when the Halloween event starts?


I really want to use the new update, and to help u guys figure out if everything is good. plz plz plz plz plz! MY username is bphilipson11!


So when will Ps4 players be able to use PTR? It gives you all more feedback. And you’ll be able to find bugs faster if more people are playing.


Turrets will still attack slept targets unless you destroy them. Maybe that’s why it’s there?


Remove/revert new torb


Why? He is so good and fun now.


Buffing a Super damage dealing hero like mccree and nerfing someone like pharah is dead patching imho. I have not seen a buff on a Reinhardt which is current so slow in this game in terms of mobility. Or the mercy multiple ress gone, they swim in self overconfidence.