Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – October 23, 2019

Wish there was at least a few balance changes, but the new mouse thing seems pretty nice too

friend limits can be restrictive in PVP games. maybe I suggest you allow unused friend slots to be used by accounts that have reached their limit?

Sure, um, don’t bother to do anything about the smoking ruin you reduce Symmetra, Sombra, Brigitte, or Junkrat to.


Sym, Brig, and junkrat are all very good heroes right now. Sombra is fine, and potentially very strong in a different meta.

Are you joking? Sombra has the worst winrate I’ve ever during the entire time I’ve ever played the game.

wait are you actualy serious, you think brig is good? shes liek the 3rd worst character in the game. she literally does nothing. shes a melee healer that cant get into melee range. she has 3 health kits that do little to no HEALING OVER TIME. and she has a personal shield thats made form wax and tissue paper. also shes the only character in the game with a dash that cant dash through barriers…


Sombra was very strong before 2-2-2 and double shield. She just got a big buff to her trans-locator too. If meta moves away from double shield, she’ll be good again quickly.

No, she wasn’t. She was the worst hero in the game then, too.

Sombra has been easily the worst hero in the game for about 80% of the time I’ve played it and she’s never been better than mediocre the rest.


Brig isn’t the same hero she use to be at all. She’s got very high healing output, and is good against the two main dps played right now. Brig is extremely impactful in comp.

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Hahahaha, I love you very much.

thats not true. shes bad, but bastion has ALWAYS been the worst character, he has always had the lowest pickrate in every rank of play since the game came out. even when the meta was pirate ship, he was still outshined by widowmaker and hanzo.

No, there was that 4 days or so when they first introduced Ironclad. The stuff of nightmares, that was.

Sombra has had about 4-5 metas she did very well in. I’m speaking about her success in my comp games, and pro play.

Bastion has a lower pickrate but never has a worse winrate. Sombra is, as a rule, the lowest winrate hero of the game.

People said she was good in those metas, but her winrate was in the bottom third in GM and she was generally the lowest winrate hero in every other rank.

Players tend to grossly overestimate how good Sombra is.


Friendly reminder that this probably isn’t going to be the final state of this next patch. With Blizzcon coming up next week, they’re likely just getting the PTR set up with the small stuff now so they can just update it with a new hero and possibly some more balance changes in a week or so. Wouldn’t be the first time they set up something small like this to have the main feature swing in later.


none of what you just said is true. inorder for her to have good healing output, she has to be able to heal, in order for her to be able to heal she has to get into melee range. when she does that, she gets 2 taped in the dome and dies. shes bad… every single patch they have put out about her has made her worse and worse… i almost have to stop myself from laughing when i see the enemy pick brig. i play lucio and i just toy with her the entire game cause i know the match is essentially 6v5 cause if she ever does anything to try to get into melee range, she just gets obliterated. the fact is, theres nothing she does that another healer cant do 100 times better. Stun people? Ana can do it from range. Heal people in an area? Lucio is better equipped to do that AND has speed boost.targeted Healing over time(cause she lost her burst healing) Mercy, Zenya,and moira ALL outshine her by miles in this field. hell i have had games where i have outhealed a brig as sombra. She is not in a good place AT ALL.


bastion has a higher winrate because NO ONE is playing him. his winrate doesnt go down, because people are smart enough to not play him

Well, it’s a little debatable which one is worse, but I’m not trying to say Bastion is in a good place either.

Nonetheless Sombra has the lowest winrate I’ve ever seen in the game right now.


She required coordination to be her most effective, and even at gm a lot of people don’t communicate at all. At her most played within the last 6 months her winrate was top 3 and stayed in top 5 at least until early july when it started to drop to where it is now.