Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – October 23, 2018


Can you stop pretend that Mercy’s flaming garbage rework is fine ?
Where is that “powerful and engaging” ultimate you promised ?
Why Mercy not being fun anymore doesn’t make you blink an eye but her being “disheartening to play against” justifies an entire rework ?

What about this thread that you are “reading daily” ?


I… Uhm… Thought this was already fixed. I mean, this was a bug reported on day 1 of the game.

Still great that this, and other bugs, are fixed.


That’s true, but you can’t put up 5 different barriers down forever, or deflect, ice wall, stun, double jump, concussive blast, boop, flashbang, forever.


The devs have been buffing Mercy for months though. Every buff to Orisa, Roadhog, Torbjorn, etc; that’s good for Mercy.

Her best comp is bunker, and the devs are making it meta so Mercy can be meta too.

Ofcourse they’re waiting till after they’re done with that before they whip out the big changes.


Blizzard is so afraid to admit mistakes that they will never fix mercy.


Mei Wall, Flashbang, shields, oh my god there’s plenty of counter play.


At least Roadhog only has 1 CC, not 3 like Doomfist…
But the CC menace just got yet again worse.


If those were buffs then why is her pickrate below 1% in gm?


I looked at the twitter, “New dev. update” Watched it, then cried and became the first to comment. What’s your story?


These tweaks look amazing. Thanks


I’m so happy I have no words for, if this will work out I’ll come back to Overwatch!


Isn’t it only 60HPS during Valkyrie though? That’s still pretty lacklustre.


The last time I played McCree into Roadhog, stunning Roadhog resulted in the hook still proccing fully, and me getting one shot.


I’m loosing hope at this point.

I’ve tried to stay positive but after more than a year waiting for changes and only getting nerfs until Mercy reaches Z-tier only to get a so-called “buff”…

You can’t be serious Blizz. That’s just a complete joke since the begining.
If you are blind enough to not see how miserable this rework have been, I really am worried about what you will do to this game.


Blizzard is being lazy.


Because they’re not done making bunker comp meta, but it will be, the writing’s on the wall.

When that happens, Mercy will be tops again.

Btw, Mercy’s pickrate in GM is close to 2% which is still low for sure, but better than Moira’s and everyone thinks she’s balanced apparently.


PTR patch notes have now become another Mercy thread.



  • Ultimate cost reduced 15%
  • Healing per second increased from 50 to 60

How does this make any sense? All this does is make her better than when she was a “nearly irreplaceable,” as she was called in the 8/9 patch notes.

Edit: I’m stupid. I misread and thought the hps buff was at all times. I can live with this current attempt at a buff.


At least Hog received something useful.


What a tone-deaf buff for Mercy.

“We think [the buff] should be pretty awesome for her, and be a welcome change for the hero” Jeff said.

Well, a buff instead of a 23rd nerf is a welcome change, but come on, bringing Valkyrie’s healing from the very pathetic healing rate of 50 HPS to the slightly-less-but-still-pretty-pathetic rate of 60 HPS is not an “awesome” change for Mercy. I don’t know if I would even call it the bare minimum.

But oh well, I guess this really shows how little Blizzard cares when it comes to Mercy mains.

Congratulations on the Roadhog changes, though, that seems like it will fix most of those hooks that break for no reason at all and be a healthy buff overall.