Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – October 23, 2018


I dont know about you, but I like winning, and as a part of winning, I like to be healed when I am wounded

I like my healers. All of them. Mercy absolutely included.

Further, I think the character is fun to play as she is now, even BEFORE this buff

and I am hardly alone

those of us who already enjoy playing the character will like it even better with this HUGE buff that may of you refuse to even admit is a buff, despite the pure and simple mathematics of it - because we’ll be even more effective in our role of keeping our teammates up


it is not a case of it seeming stronger

it IS stronger

pure and simple math: 60 > 50


Speaking as a mercy main, I’m happy to at least see attention given her way. I hope these stick until the base game and don’t make her so powerful they nerf her down again.


ah, profile shaming.


you are one of those folks who proves to me once again that the addition of private profiles one of the very best changes made to this game


If you think playing mercy is standing around behind a tank then you’ve been playing with a bad mercy. We are constantly flying around putting out fires, dodging murder and saving stupid pushes. We are determining who lives and who dies and who gets resurrected when the team is going to pots. And we are murdering far more powerful DPS’s when our teammates horrendous positioning screws us over.


It is not an improvement in regards to our concerns.

“Mercy isn’t fun to play.”

“Here’s a revert for an ability you hate.”




Maybe not yours, but I am talking about a hell of a lot more people than just myself when I say that they have ignored our concerns.

An “improvement” designed to mask stagnation.

Sorry, I’m not that gullible anymore. I’ve seen Blizzard play this trick too many times to fall for it again.

That was an easy flag.

You say this, but we actually have evidence to back up just how large our movement is. For example, that upvote count you see above? That’s on this thread:

Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

That thread is literally the number-one thread of all time on the Official Overwatch Forums. To put this into perspective, the number-two thread of all time has 1107 upvotes… making the number-one thread more than 1.5 times as popular as the number-two thread.

We are not a minority.

Want more evidence? There’s this survey that was recently conducted as well:

Mercy Survey - Results

Then you have lost sight of a videogame’s entire purpose: Fun.


Timestamp and quote, please.

Saying “She’s talked about a lot” doesn’t mean they actually know what our concerns our. Hearing is different from listening.

You hear noise.

You listen to concerns.

We have seen no evidence of the latter.

Considering that you couldn’t even go 3 posts back and forth with me before resorting to insults, this is hilariously ironic.

The Mercy rework certainly was.

Sorry, I’m too busy laughing at this.

Except you literally brought this up yourself:

Apparently, not only can you not go 3 posts back and forth without insulting the person you disagree with, but you also cannot remember what you said two posts ago.

It’s literally two number changes.

Speaking as someone who is designing a game myself, two number changes that are that basic can be done in literally 30 seconds of work. I can change the damage, health, velocity, turning rate, range, fire rate, accuracy, damage radius, fragmentation amount, etc. of different constructs and weapons with 2-4 clicks and then a number entry.

This change hardly took any time or effort at all. Again, it’s a distraction to mask stagnation.

Funny. This is exactly how I regard Blizzard.

“You want to ignore our for even longer complaints? You don’t have any more credibility to lose.”


I have a question, how is symmetra’s primary fire now, obviously it’s probably still bad against armor and they should fix that but is more usable now?


You work for 20 dollars per hour.
At some point, I decide to cut down your salary to 16 dollars an hour because I have my reasons.
Some time later, I decide to make it 20 dollars per hour again but for 15 days of the month.

When you play the credibility card, you gotta make sure you yourself are equally or more credible.


It is a great fix, we get to get back the what was completely OP healing during Valk and we get Valk as often again thanks to the ULT charge reduction. So no her ultimate can be even more awesome at winning a team fight. pumping out 300hp/s or boosting her whole teams damage by 30% on the fly!

Were you just a hide and res mercy or something?


No need to “celebrate”

Its an improvement over what you have currently

acknowledge it

Its fine to say you want more

But appreciate that things are better than they were, not act like spoiled, entitled brats

Further, the vocal minority clearly wants the devs ear. Do you really expect them to listen after you all dismiss these current changes - changes they put in work for both coding and testing - as not being improvements at all, when the simple math says they are?


Mercy healing up during ult is great and 15% ult charge is even better, still miss the speed on GA during ult but eh whatcha gonna do.

Great changes all around.


We’d be very grateful if the developers showed any indication of listening to our concerns.

Considering that Mercy’s Quickplay (you know; the fun and casual mode) pickrates are below half of where they were prior to the rework, no, there were more players who were unhappy enough to stop playing Mercy outright than there are players who are tolerant enough to keep playing her. Even if we were to assume that everyone still playing Mercy is happy with her current state, that’s still more current/former players unhappy with Mercy’s current state than happy.

You like to sling the phrase “vocal minority” around a lot, as if you aren’t in that very subgroup.


Imagine yourself to be a developer who worked hard to change a hero.

You hear a lot of discussion about this hero, so you create a thread meant to gather all the feedback. This thread hits the cap limit, so you create another one, that also reaches the cap and so on.
Of all these threads you only go once in any of them to say “hey I’m reading your feedback daily :heart:

Then you proceed to go on a nerfing spree because your changes made the hero beyond broken -as a lot of players have warned in the many threads.
But after more than 10 nerfs, the hero is still too powerful, so you decide to take away what made this hero viable in the early stages of the game. You even change the initial concept so much that it contradicts the fundamental design of the hero.

Finally you manage to nerf the hero enough so that it is no longer too powerful, but it turns out to make the hero statistically bad in every rank. People are complaining about the hero they enjoyed not being fun anymore, and the rework not adressing any of the issues it was supposed to.
So you decide to buff the hero by more or less reverting to an earlier stage when people were already unhappy with.

And then you wonder why people are angry.


We bite the hand that has ruined our favorite character for over a year because they tried to appease someone else.


Where the heck are the doomfist nerfs though?


It’s about time Mercy’s heals went back to 60’. But this isn’t good enough. She still needs a proper fixing. Not just a bloody bandaid and being a Christopher Pine saying “I FIXED IT”. Also what about junk? His ult needs to kill him if he is too close like tracer & phara.


I felt similarly about the inability of the vocal mnority to acknowlege the simple fact that this change is a buff

60 is greater than 50

this is a pure and simple mathematical fact

there is no “opinion” relavant to this comparison

failing to acknowledge that this is an improvement - regardless of whether it is what was wanted by the vocal minority (and I am 101% clear it wasnt) - is simply discarding facts, which is ridiculous

Its clear from this post alone as well as the dozens or hundreds of Mercy thread that “vocal” is an accurate adjective

Minority? How many players of Mercy worldwide are on these forums…?

I have been quite civil.

I am reacting to statements denying pure and simple facts

And as far as taking things too seriously? Please read the reactions of the vocal minority over obvious numerical improvements to a character in, as you say, a video game.

I dont expect anyone out there is dancing in the streets over this buff, but lord, the reaction seems to be the same as if they had lowered the healing again, not raised it, which is the unacknowledged reality here


I too like winning, and I too think it’s a buff but I would just like it if I was allowed to win with my favourite character and actually have a fun time doing. I don’t JUST play to win, I play to have fun as well and right now, I’m not having a lot of fun with my favourite character


Unlucky, I wanted more mercy nerfs.


Mercy mains can you stop already? If you don’t like the hero - don’t play it.