Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – October 23, 2018


There’s a difference between “hearing” and “listening”. You “hear” noise and you “listen” to what someone has to say.

They clearly were hearing us complain, thats why they created megathread after megathread to dump Mercy posts in to silence the complains. If they were listening to what we were saying, this joke of a buff would be a lot different.


So… is the reduced spread randomization the same as tightening the cone? What exactly is it doing?


Yeah but its better to be annoyed than out of touch with reality. Degrees of severity there, friend.


Why Roadhog players are so exited? You still need to test these changes against real heroes, not target dummies with enormous hitboxes. If this changes would not let Hog to CONSISTENTLY one-shot 200hp heroes with hook combo -they are pointless and will not make Hog any better.


Still the worst ultimate in the game. Remove it and replace it with mass res then start nerfing/altering it


This isn’t improvement. This is stalling by using a facade in an attempt to mask the rest of Mercy’s issues.

As for Valkyrie:

This shows me quite clearly that you do not know that our primary concerns are.

“Appreciate that she’s going to be more viable”.

Cool; she might be viable.

But is she… FUN TO PLAY?

Please provide me with a single instance in which they have even acknowledged the very existence of our concerns.

Considering that you don’t even know what our concerns are, I bet that you can’t.

To appease WHO?

Who wanted the rework in the first place?

Who pushed for it to go live despite the warnings of Mercy mains of catastrophe?

Who called for Mercy nerfs?

Who celebrated after each nerf, proclaiming “THE WITCH IS DEAD!” before returning to ask for more nerfs and hour later?

Who’s concerns did the developers address with each successive patch to Mercy?

Not the Mercy mains.

It is not attention. It is a distraction to delay and obstruct.


just buffed. On some lower ledges, tracer, torb, etc. couldn’t jump up. Ex: Boat in Rialto in the water next to first defender spawn. According to this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxOIMxNYaHQ


well, you got 60 back, part of the time.

its an improvement

its better than it was, even if it isnt precisely what you wanted

appreciate the improvement, even if it only gets you part of the way back


A fat and bulky DPS is exactly what Roadhog is and what he was designed for, that should never be changed.


Hmm, yes.

This is why a recent survey conducted on the forums found that out of all players, even with the data isolated to Tank and DPS mains, that a rework or revert was favored far more than a flat buff or inaction.


just delete mercy at this point, too much of a hassle to deal with tbqh.


You don’t need to understand any of the complaints to know there are a lot of them.

Literally look at the front page of the General discussion. You don’t need to open the threads to know that people hate Mercy’s current state.


I’ll appreciate on the proportion of the improvement, and this is nearly nothing.We have put up with mediocrity for long enough.


I agree with the ultimate buff but hp/s 60 that’s wrong unless make it 55 but is way too high


She is a middle ground of some sort between healers. Subtle healing, damage boost, flying to teammates every 2 seconds, not bad if you look at the details.


If people are complaining about mercy having a spectating ultimate; wouldn’t she without be the same since you’re literally holding a staff out doing the same thing…? (Apart from switching towards your pistol once in a while which is literally the same in valk mode) :thinking: Be happy that they are atleast buffing her. christ.


I don’t play Mercy, I play Roadhog, so I’m as happy as I can be. lol


Can’t imagine there’s anything else before we get a Bastion rework, right?


Well… Thanks for the Mercy buff :slight_smile: I hope you will take a look on her kit again later!


Whether you like it or not, they’re not reverting the rework. If revert is your idea of balancing, give up; it’s not going to happen. If you don’t like that fact, that’s fine; I won’t go against you for having an opinion.

But if you don’t like the fact that they’re not bringing back Mass Rez, maybe you should stop playing Mercy. Looking at your profile, you obviously seem to enjoy playing her in her current state. I justify that by the fact that Mercy is your most played hero for the current competitive season (and like, it’s not even close). Kind of hypocritical on your end, wouldn’t you say? :thinking:

And by insulting to Mercy players, you definitely mean “The few Mercy players on this forum that seem to cry ‘Revert Mercy’ all day long”…
(And if you were being sarcastic, which I highly doubt, then you forgot that nice little ‘/s’ in there…)

Not trying to be offensive, but it’s posts like yours that kind of binds you guys to what’s known as “the Mercy cult” on this forum. I’m not saying that I refer to you guys as this myself, as that binds too many people to it for the wrong reasons.
(It’s this reason that I call it the ‘Mass Rez Mercy cult’ instead; since it binds significantly less people this way)

Pretty much all the Mercy complaining is on the forums. It hardly ever happens anywhere else on the net. And the forums by itself represents less than 1% of the overall OW player-base.