Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – October 23, 2018


That happens when it’s been well over a year and they have yet to even acknowledge our concerns.


Yes! More ult healing PLEASE lOrD


So please, what exactly are these issues and much needed changes that Mercy needs? Can you elaborate?


Thats putting her in a role she wasn’t designed for. She’s supposed to be the go to main healer. Thats why they gave her 60 in the first place.


Oh so we will have to wait another 6 months on top of what we already waited for her to be decent again? Yeah, I’ll be negative, thank you.


My pleasure.


You’re still too negative :woman_facepalming:


Yeah at this point seeing blizzards balancing style i’m gonna be negative.


I hope it and i hope you are right, but man, their times are biblical… they know exactly all her issues, why procrastinate in this way… i’m tired.


You guys are just mad because she isn’t an easy-win support character anymore. And this is coming from a Mercy one trick.


So now criticizing their balance decisions is being “negative” and we shouldn’t do it because the person “likes” Blizzard. I care as much the devs care about Mercy, basically nothing.


Blizzards gotta Blizzard I guess. Makes good entertainment tho, it’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.


You call it negative. I call it realistic.

The level of incompetence I’ve seen with the OW balance team is unparalleled in any other game I have played.


They’re only failing with mercy.


That’s a terrible argument. You are just assuming what people think.


I think I’m in love with the Reaper buffs but Hog needs some form of a passive to form him into more of an outlast tank than a bulky DPS.


I’m assuming what people think because you’re all thinking the same, so far. You just need to take the changes with a grain of salt and learn how to adapt. It makes it less aggravating.


Their past failures have yet to be fixed, and the ones that are being fixed have taken an insane amount of time and resources to get to that point.

Bastion has been garbage-tier for almost 2 years now.


We don’t want buffs to Valk… we want our 60hps back.


at least that if nothing else