Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – November 14, 2018


Well, doomfist is a trashcan hero now more than he was before. Player awareness 2 hard I guess.


I’d have thought his ult cost would be reduced; it seems to take a bit long to charge.

Not that I’m necessarily against this damage buff.

Know what wasn’t 2 hard? Playing a broken hero.


a moment of silence for Doomfisters


Oh, yeah, broken. Because learning rollouts, bounces, jumps, slides, etc. all just brainless. EZclap.
Literally every person who says DF is broken can’t even get 3 kills without dying because they can’t play him, but ez hero, yes.


I never said easy; you thinking I did only shows how little brain-power you’re putting into your defense. You’re more eager to defend yourself than read the criticism.

Doomfist was BROKEN, not EASY to play.

There’s a difference between “not too hard” and “easy.”


Meanwhile genjiblade can still wipe 6 people in under 6 seconds.
Sombra can rob DF of his entire kit, even a halfway aware Zarya can counter DF or at least shut down his kills while farming charge.

He is and was the only hero in the game that needs to risk life and limb just to be effective and still had plenty of means to be countered in a 6-person roster. If you died to him, you weren’t paying attention — you weren’t aware.

People are salty over DF because every death is a reminder of their incapability, not because the hero was broken. Literally EQO said, “buff players.” If you aren’t keeping track of him he’ll roll your team, but if you pay even a bit of heed you can zone him effectively.


He is the only hero who can do that without an ult. Well, aside from Widow.

Even you speak of him as if he’s a mini raid-boss.


Because apparently having object permanence and gamesense for a dive hero is too much to ask the playerbase, right? Playing the game with any amount of mental effort is too difficult, nerf Doomfist, he’s op I have to think when I play reeeeee.


Is there a possibility that you guys are considering making Moira’s Fade 5 seconds?


Nice. Can you please fix the bug where a trumpet sound is played half the time Doomfist dies? You hear this as the Doom player. I hear it when I play him and hear it when streamers do. It’s pretty annoying.


I would like her “bug fix” removed instead.


I think that these changes are all really good, but to be honest, how can Soldier compete with the other hitscan now? They all do something better than him in general and all have much higher burst potential than he does, which reigns supreme in the game currently, and his mediocre utility does not make up for his sub par gun and ult or the other hitscans’ burst potential.


One small change I’d like to see is the ability to remove cosmetics from the cosmetic wheel.


FINALLY Bastion Buffs! Finally!
The Torb Buff sounds nice too, it feels really bad when the enemys just rush through your Molton Core.
Doomfist nerf is also cool, especially the reduces Air-Control.

It’s sad that there’s no Sym buff (Beam reverted to 1 sec Charge, Lock on and 30/60/120 ramp up) but since her last buff just went live I guess the devs still try to make her current beam viable. So I didn’t expect it yet.


I play Soldier (but not too much in comp as everyone picks DPS), I will list the other hitscans:
Widow: Focuses more in her weapon that in her kit, grapple is just use for re positioning. Venom mine is just… there, it helps a little bit. Her ultimate is just to help her click heads.

Mcree: Focuses in his weapon and roll, flashbang helps him assure kills or to defend himself. His ultimate is garbo.

Ashe: Weapon and Dynamite are her focus, Coach gun is her mobility/disengage tool. BOB is such a good ult.

Bastion: Recon is a little bit garbo, but good to reposition himself and assure kills as you do it. Sentry is his main focus, but he basically exchanges all his mobility for it. Tank mode is really good against squishies and for Rocket jumping, but for tanks is somewhat useless.

Soldier has such flexible kit, has a constant low damage weapon but pretty deadly, has Sprint to reposition, Healing station is for his survivability, Helix rockets for burst, and his ultimate is for cleaning the squishies, so if there are tanks, it’s useless. I agree he needs some QoL changes and maybe a buff, but he is still versatile.


This thread is already toxic af so I logged in to try to get some positive feedback in…these look awesome. Seems like a lot of nerfs/buffs that will fix the inherent problems causing the need for said nerfs/buffs. Dev team has been crushing it lately!

As a flex support player I am especially looking forward to the doomfist nerfs hopefully making him have more counterplay and be less frustrating to play against.


No Tracer buffs. No Reinhardt buffs. No Lucio buffs. No D.va buffs.


Those two characters aren’t the only ones in the game, stop acting like they are.


Why buff all of those, they are fine lmao


So are Symmetra and Mercy.


Lucio and DVa certainly don’t need buffs as they are already A/S tier, and the Brig nerf should hopefully serve as slight Tracer/Rein buffs. Shatter/charge still need debugging but otherwise those two heroes are fine.

But yeah, we definitely don’t need Mercy buffs the day after she already got one.