Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – November 14, 2018


It just seems like a bug overall, then. Not really a needed buff, just a fix.


Just give her a big boop when she places down Supercharger.


Also some really strange interactions with turrets and players, sometimes you would be on the TP area, but you don’t TP


Never had that, but those are bugs.


Yes I know, but sometimes are game breaking and affects your gameplay (also they are quite rare, just had it like 3 times and my friend 5 times)

(Josh Noh) #64

Hey there! So there actually was a small change (though relatively minor) for Soldier: 76 that seems to have gotten left out of the notes. I’ll try to get those updated but people may have left for the day.

Soldier: 76

  • Tactical Visor
    • No longer makes Helix Rockets auto-target enemies.

Developer Comments : The intent of Tactical Visor is to make Soldier: 76 unable to miss during its duration. However, Helix Rockets have travel time, so if they were fired directly at an enemy they would often miss a moving target at further ranges. This change allows players to freely aim Helix Rockets while still auto-aiming his primary fire.


My friend. My dude. I’m talking about the heroes that are in the trash bin that I care about, just because I’m complaining they aren’t getting the buffs they deserve it doesn’t mean I’m against other heroes getting buffed.

Stop feeling attacked because other people put in the work to better their characters. Stop being lazy and advocate for your heroes.

Or could it be that you don’t care, you just want to complain that Mercy/Symm mains are complaining? Either way you are being a petty child, grow up.


My buddy, my pal. They aren’t in the trash bin. I love playing those heroes, and even I think they are in a good spot right now. You’re the one that posted on the developer post “complaining” that Mercy and Symmetra hadn’t received any buffs, which they have in yesterday’s patch.

There’s really no reason to complain about this, especially on this specific post. You stated something completely irrelevant to the post. If anyone is acting childish, it’s you.

In your own words, ‘grow up’.


Ohhh, that sounds interesting! I will need to test it, but sounds really good, thanks!


Good for you, go enjoy the game with the heroes that are “in such a good spot”, but me and a lot more people feel like there many problems with both heroes that these pinch-of-salt buffs don’t address, and we WILL continue to complain until they are.

And who are you to decide what can and can’t be discussed in this post? I’m talking about the PTR patch aren’t I? And you are the one that came for me, you are the only one “starting something”, I’m addressing the patch, you are addressing me.

Good day and good bye, salt-mine. Deuces.


My review:

Bastion - Good enough, still would appreciate an E ability tho, like a barrier

Brigitte - Not needed, Will just make Tank heavy metas stronger people need to mature and learn to counter

Doomfist - Not needed, Just give him a bigger visual/audio warning so he doesnt come out of nowhere

Mccree - Not what he needed, FTH is very usless and holds back his kit, Minor rework to that ability needed

Torbjorn - Not what he needed, But welcome anyways


Now let me guess this friend is what diamond?? anyways both heroes are in bad spots Mercy’s ult is underwhelming and symm struggles to get value with tp taking so long to actually appear and be useable


you’re statement on brig is just wrong she gets way too much value for how little skill it’s not that we need to counter cause she in her current state is practically uncounterable games come down to who has the better brig


Ive already said that, i feel that shes balanced, But i would make the loss of her shield more punishing to make her need more shield managment,

stuff like, Lower shield regeneration, Higher cooldown when destroyed, Etc

but thats about it


Those heroes aren’t bad whatsoever. They’re just not META. It’s also kind of insulting that you talk about people’s ranks when your own career profile is privated.


that’s plain wrong the lowest coach you will find is maybe diamond and that’s probably just decay


her E is also way too strong


Well i half agree half disagree

i feel like the sym / torb overall reworks were unecesary, they werent bad, their playstyle wasnt popular tho, sure they neede buffs but not this,

Sym is …meh? she still needs buffs…and new torb too, their too team reliant, same does bastion and mercy, some numerical changes are needed because they are too weak for what they do


I wouldn’t waste the energy, they seem to be one of those people that don’t play the hero enough to access the areas they struggle and realize that level of struggle is unhealthy. “It worked for me, it should work for everyone” type of deal. Spare yourself the headache.


Nah her E is fine, its literally her only real heal