Overwatch PTR Patch Notes - May 6, 2019

? the workshop is the feature I’ve been wanting since forever and what got me back to Overwatch after several months of not playing it.

Okay, after some more testing, servers still sometimes crash for me, and that’s with the reduced version of my script - my other script just crashes the server always with more than 5-6 players.

can we at the very least get preset words added to represent every button available, and a On heal other and on heal self events?

I know for a fact we dont have a string word for Interact, and not having those words means making in game instructions is nigh impossible.

It would be nice if we could go above and beyond and actually call what button player x has assigned to that input.

As for on heal other/self being able to call who healed someone would open up a lot of potential for the workshop with victim referencing the person you healed. Being able to grant bonuses or buffs for healing or to the person you healed would be amazing.


Literally 2 guys, and it’s already making the game better.

(Fantastic job by the way)

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Thanks, Papa Dan! :smiley:

I’m loving the frequent updates we’re getting :slight_smile:

The two big requests at the top of my list right now are the ability to set armor/shields as part of healthpools, and to create custom projectiles that could be either weapons, barriers, or even a deflector.

What was wrong with max health?

I know that there was a bug which added a random 1HP to max health, e.g you set the max health to 100% for Reaper instead of 250HP he got 251 but could only regen up to 200HP. But I can’t tell if this is the bug which got fixed or there was also another one.

Just want to point out that the disable game mode scoring action doesn’t prevent capturing the objective in control, so it’s still not fully usable for this mode.

If you’re suggesting that nobody asked for the Workshop, I would like to humbly suggest that you take a look at the multiple 200+ person Discord servers (all based on Overwatch custom games) that Workshop has single-handedly revived. Or the many forum posts requesting better custom game settings, or the comparatively massive amount of players on the PTR, or every Overwatch news channel on Youtube covering the Workshop, or the other Youtube channels all posting videos on the Workshop, or hell, just join a custom game and ask the creator if they wanted the Workshop/enjoy having the Workshop.

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Are we going to be able to use 1% as a slider value on consoles? Or are things going to be locked to 10% scalars like in custom games :frowning:

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