Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – July 25, 2019

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Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – July 25, 2019

A new Overwatch patch is currently in development and now available for testing! To share your feedback or report and issue, please post in the PTR Feedback or PTR Bug Report forums.

Please note that the below patch notes only include changes currently available for testing on the PTR. While many of these changes will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a future patch, the PTR is PC-only and only reflects changes coming specifically to that platform.


Practice Range

  • Practice Range has been re-enabled.




  • No longer usable while stunned.


Kinetic Grasp

  • Cooldown reduced from 15 to 13 seconds
  • Shield per damage conversion increased from 0.33 to 0.40




  • Fixed a bug where jumping while scoped shooting could cause the gun to clip into the camera slightly.

Wrecking Ball

  • Fixed a bug where Wrecking Ball could get stuck in his slam animation if landing on very flat slippery surfaces.

New Moira revert
PTR Patch July 26th 2019
Well Dang, rip moira
Brigitte got pushed down the gutter this patch
Los Angeles Gladiators vs. New York Excelsior - FINAL
Sigma's Kinetic Grasp feels kinda weak
So Moira's buff has been taken away if you didn't know
Did the moira buff get reverted?
Why even bother. Why bring it in?
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Moira Fade Nooooooooo :c

I’ll miss those days now…


Like the Sigma changes. Buffed the two things I thought that ability lacked.

Sad no Hammond changes. His ult is still as awful at 12 as it was at 13. Hope you guys keep watching that and listen to the feedback about it.


Wow… the ONE buff to Moira that actually made her feel more viable…gone. Like it didn’t affect her healing or DPS. But because some Reinhardt and Mcree mains got salty, we can’t have our sub 1% GM pickrate Support with a decent buff for herself.


Wow, lame. So Moira gets nerfed with nothing to compensate?


Don’t know why you guys are so upset over the revert of the moira buff. It was tested it, it was a stupid change and a mistake so they reverted it.


Pretty intense, not gonna lie.


Good stuff. Moira could still use something to compensate for this (deserved) nerf though.


I really hope you guys are considering of giving Moira something… also hope you guys are taking in the Brig feedback, she does not seem to be in a good spot.


moira is absolutely fine right now, maybe close to being op but not. she doesn’t need a compensation


Nah she could use something. So could Brig and maybe Baps still


Im not upset about the change, I honestly didn’t think it was that broken, but it definitely isn’t what she needed to be viable. I just wish they gave her something she did need in return


Moira isn’t OP but she has her niche, problem is there’s not really a buff you can give her without her potentially being overpowered.


If that didn’t make sense, maybe Moira could get a passive where every 60 seconds or so, if she’s hit by CC she’ll automatically fade in place. Same effect, less frequent, and makes more sense visually. Easier to track when you can CC her or simply go for burning her passive for an incoming shatter or something.



Moira needed that buff and made her better in Grandmaster. What’s the point now? People be throwing games if you select Moira in Grandmaster and are toxic towards her because she had no utility and she finally had it.

Give her Fade Stun removal back. She even made plays that can save people from Rein’s earth shatter stun but you guys listened to people crying about Moira when she needed utility.

Ignore lower ELO complaints. Moira needs to be viable in higher ELO too.

I was happy that you guys buffed Moira after all this time of ignoring her. Now she is back to the worst support in GM again.


Unfortunately moira is really strong in low ranks and this buff would send her through the roof down there. She’s like reaper, worse the higher up the ladder you go but then they still have their niche


Hmm, wonder what the situation with Moira is now?

Should we expect different changes in the near future or did they just decide she’s alright in 2-2-2?


good job taking away whatever utility moira had… lol what a joke


Maybe Moira needed counterplay to her fade component? A sort-of clunky idea is probably you can only fade out of CC after 1-2 seconds. That way, you can kill her if you attack her fast enough.

What can we provide Moira, that gives her utility, retains her playstyle, and has counterplay?