Overwatch PTR Patch Notes - July 18, 2018


The fact that it is an ultimate in a cooldown makes it badly designed. And if you have to destroy the entire kit of a character to keep the rez, it is also badly designed. Mercy feels chunky to play even now, and with the nerf to her healing she’s gonna feel like crap. (I’ve tested it on the ptr and even the training bots deal more dmg than she can heal being a MAIN healer)


rez can rez one teammates that’s not an ult, and besides why would you be able to outheal? moira outheals and has to recharge (thus the buff was unnecessary, yet moira must be the worst hero in terms of bad design).
think about it, decreasing her healing will make ana and lucio a good enough pick when u can get close enough healing with a plus as good as the rez.
now think about this: why are mercy mains asking for rez to be changed? if u like healing so much play ana.
Jeff wants every hero to fill a unique spot, and that’s what rez is.


Don’t nerf mercy’s healing!


If you are nerfing Widowmakers grapplehook, you might want to look into the fact that this ability is very unreliable at some situations:

-If you hook into ledge being at the angle about 15 degrees above of it, you will hook to it and fall down
-There are multiple places on meny maps that will not recieve grapple even if aiming dead at it, instead you will hook into completely different place
-Hook can disconnect even if small obsticle can be found between you and your grapple target
-Sometimes you will follow your grapple to the end and then get bounced back towards the direction you came from, if there was an enemy hero between you and your target for some time
-Whenever Widowmaker is pushed (by rein, diva, lucio etc.) its easy to suddenly face a wall and use grappe on it, resulting grapple being wasted

Considering that this ability can be so unreliable while trying to escape, increase in cooldown seems to be quite a blow, aspecially considering that dive tanks have colldown of 6 seconds on their abilities, which gives them a window of 4 seconds where widow can’t do nothing afther their first dive on her.

Also a word about mercy. No matter how much you will nerf her, there isn’t a support hero who can follow up and heal a dive comp, and reach snipers that are far from the rest of the team as effectively as mercy. In a team game like OW teamplay is essential, and you can reach a peak of teamplay with mercy by just pocketing someone, turing two players into one. Having also ressurection as ability and very powerful ultimate, it’s no wonder she is a must-pick hero and it will remain as such until there is valid alternative. Mercy is a fully equipped support, there is nothing that she lacks to be elastic enough to fit in every composition (except 4 tanks or goats) where other supports are really only half-supports.


I already feel Mercy heals too slowly. So many times I’m left solo healing and when everyone is at critical health I feel so slow healing the tanks and the rest of the dps… This nerf is not gonna be fun.


lul FU BLIZZARD, mercy heal nerf by 17,5% -NEVER. i stop play this fkn game until this change be removed!