Overwatch PTR Patch Notes - July 18, 2018


I already feel Mercy heals too slowly. So many times I’m left solo healing and when everyone is at critical health I feel so slow healing the tanks and the rest of the dps… This nerf is not gonna be fun.


lul FU BLIZZARD, mercy heal nerf by 17,5% -NEVER. i stop play this fkn game until this change be removed!


Woooow so Widow and Hanzo are FINALLY getting the nerf they deserved for friggin ever and then you nerf Mercy (ahem, Nerfcy) AGAIN! Seriously wtf, leave Mercy tf alone. I guess you won’t be satisfied until people stop playing her entirely.

Brig definitely needs to be nerfed though. I run way too much train with that shield bash. Bash shielding reins for days.


Rez feels SO BAD to play, mercy was unfun to play against now she’s boring to play as. You don’t feel rewarded by anything: rez, chunky and boring, healing: u don’t heal nothing, flying: wow it’s the only fun thing about mercy, valkyrie: ez spectator mode.
Plus she is not meta anymore with hammond as u can see in pro matches BEFORE this patch where ana lucio is played and mercy zen are not seen. They should have waited to see how the meta goes before making this change


60hps = u heal a genji who has 1 hp in 3.8 sec.
50hps = u heal a genji who has 1 hp in 4 sec.
the difference shows with tanks which is FINE, the nerf was ment to decrease how solid she can make tank comps when its clearly ana’s job it has always been the case.
rez was unfun to play and play against, people would harass u to rez them and insult u when ud do and they would die.
mercy is a better hero overall with the rework she just needs some numbers adjusted and she’ll be balanced (i think she is now (


wow great balance making her entire kit to be chunky af and not flow just for the sake of the rez. She may be balanced but she doesn’t feel rewarding to play.


shot call and u’ll get rewarded