Overwatch PTR Patch Notes - July 18, 2018


brigette was fine Kapp. it was ez to kill brig as a dps if your whole 6 was there Forehead.


ANOTHER Mercy nerf. What a surprise. They won’t be satisfied until they ruin the game. I was listening to Jeff at comic con talking about how she will still be the strongest healer… Moron…


Wrecking ball is broken. Too much HP and the abailites are op


I honestly could not agree more with any of this. I wish they never changed her from the very beginning. She is a damned good healer and they are literally just making her more and more of a laughing stock.


Question: what kind of exotic drugs are the devs on, and where can I get some?

Based on a good amount of play time, and generally hearing everyone’s opinion on it, I agree that this patch was the wrong direction to take.

Personally, I would like to play Sombra and not be laughed at in comp. The infinite invisibility and recall are pointless, and it is hard to actually get kills because she doesn’t deal enough damage. Based on conversations I have had, I heard that the devs didn’t want her to be an “assassin” type character, but more an infiltrator. Answer me this: WTF do you do with an infiltrator besides assassinate people? They need to get over that hang up, because if Sombra isn’t enough of a DPS to kill people, why is she in the category? Hack is short lived, and without the followup damage it requires high coordination with your team. She is not disruptive enough to really be worth it.

To quote something I heard (forget the source): “there are only 6 slots on the team”. The fact is that Sombra is so bad that she can’t even be justified as a pick.

Personally, I see her filling a similar role to Tracer, in that she is meant to get in, get a pick or two, and get out. She also has the added bonus of hacking high priority targets like Reinhardt, but this is only useful in specific scenarios. To achieve this vision, I would revert Sombra to the last patch, give her a slightly larger ammo clip or slightly boosted damage (as well as shorter reload), and make the hack harder to interrupt, (i.e. if you have already started it, damage does not interrupt it; you could have damage immediately before disable it for a second).

Sombra aside: Moira and Brigitte need to be nerfed. Neither should do as much damage or require as little skill as they do. They are cancerous in FFA. Moira’s life drain needs to have ammo and a reload, and the orb needs to have a health bar, and damage dropoff or a more limited duration. Brigitte needs to have a shortened stun dash, lower self heal, and lower damage output. She should also have her heal “ammo” increased. She is a “healer”, make her play like it.

I will reiterate what the Mercy mains have been saying: stop fcking nerfing her. All she does is heal, making her a vulnerable high priority target, which makes perfect sense to many of us. Stop trying to make her into something she isn’t.

The fact that the devs feel the need to nerf her–just so they can make the other healers more viable–speaks to a lack of imagination. That is the same logic that the American public school system employs: “Our students are failing? Let’s just lower our standards”. If they keep it up, it will ruin the game.

Hammond is fine in my opinion, but I may be biased. I just repeatedly hack and kill him. Personally, I think he is well balanced for what he is supposed to do.


Вам не кажется нерф ангела сильным и не справедливым?
с каких пор её 60 исцеления стали проблемой?
Всегда боролись с её воскрешением. А сейчас стали с лечением.
Ана может быстро поднять танка своей гранатой. Мойра может поднять танка своей сферой + рука. А Ангел нет.
Ангел чистый саппорт. Она не может стрелять из винтовки, слипать или наносить урон гранатой как Ана. Не может пускать сферы и наносить урон вытягиванием Жизни как Мойра. Не может накладывать сферу диссонанса и наносить урон как Дзенъятта. Не может отбрасывать и ошеломлять врагов как Бригитта.
Всё что она может это только исцелять, воскрешать и выживать. Если вы забираете у такого чистого саппорта его исцеление. то вы делаете его не нужным…
Все игроки если и видят проблему в Ангеле, то только в её воскрешение.
то почему бы не поднять перезарядку способности с 30 до 40 секунд? Почему нужно идти на такие крайние меры?
надеюсь blizzard меня услышит…
P.S. да, у Ангела есть бластер. Но он ей не нужен. Хороший ангел его не берёт в руки. Да и сам по себе он очень слабый


Are we ever going to get the devs comments on the most recent changes in the PTR? Symmetra buff and the other Hanzo nerfs. I noticed they unpinned the thread…is it not happening anymore?


“We felt Doomfist didn’t hardcounter Symmetra enough so we’ve removed her ability to stop him from getting a free kill on her out in the open.”

GG Blizz, nerfing a hero that’s already bottom of the barrel.


Nerf widow for what?! all these low skill chars that can consistently and constantly chase and engage you. we barely get away as is the skill ceiling is high enough if anything she needs a buff somewhere it makes no sense that i have to flick head shot a 80% of better charge to kill someone diving me while they can press one skill button and im dead stop nerfing the only escape widow has her kit is already one of the weakest in game


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But Moira can easily out heal mercy though? And when you guys say mercy does so much more healing than the other supports did you ever take into consideration the other supports average damage and compare it mercys?


Please do not nerf Mercy’s healing output! I’m pretty sure she will still be a ‘must pick’ Perhaps there is another way of “fixing” Mercy that does not involve nerfing her healing?


Brigitte is getting nerfed bcz her stun is the best ingame in terms of ez to use and how you’re immuned to damage when using it AND has the shortest cooldown.
Her stun plus burst damage and 0skill makes her a dps not a healer and that’s exactly what all pros have been complaining about.
Brigitte is unbalanced and makes the game VERY toxic, these are good enough reasons to get her nerfed.


There is this video called why nerfing instead of buffing Overwatch by Cliff, you’ll find all your answers there mate.


90hps is a lot for you? HAHAHAH. Only a Moira can heal 140 more or less herself without help, and you are complaining for Mercy healing too much with an ALLY, not herself alone. Lmaooo.

She needs a change in her rez, not a nerf in her healing, she’s supposed to be able to sustain a full team since she’s a MAIN HEALER, now her healing numbers are closer to Zen’s (who can dmg while healing, put discord orbs and has one of the best ults in the game) than to Moira (who is a main healer and that’s what Mercy is supposed to be too)


Still, nerfing her healing is not the point lmaoo. She doesn’t heal that much, it’s just that it is easy to heal with her and in the long term she heals more, but in specific moments, both Ana and Moira can heal more and offer more utility than Mercy.


specific moments but honestly mercy will always be more reliable, has more survivability and will never run out of healing. so i guess it’s the best way to nerf her without breaking her.


she is closer to a zen but has far better movement has a very decent damage 100dps and 200dps with full headshots. and finnaly has rez which will never be removed :slight_smile: simply bcz if u take it off she’ll just be a moving healthpack. ofcourse you’d buff her healing to compensate but then she’ll just outheal everyone -> let the devs do their job since they balance so rarely.


Rez is bad designed as a cooldown hability since she doesn’t gain it, it is just there and it is one of the most if not the most powerful cooldown hability in the game. And about the specific moments thing, fights are specific moments where a burst of heal like moira’s or ana’s can help a lot more than 60plain hps that get melted down through any enemy ult or even normal dps. Nerfing her healing is not the way, another rework is the way or returning her back to Mercy 1.0 with some changes to the rez.


like u said rez is very strong, so to balance it the healing is getting downgraded. now what makes rez on cooldown bad game design? as every 30 sec u revert a death when most dps can kill in 1sec?