Overwatch PTR Patch Notes - July 18, 2018


2000 IQ math. It’s a 25% nerf. You’d be right if it wasn’t just a radius to catch people and bring them to the center.


But it sort of was, at least in pro play. She was huge there cause she could fall back and save any 200 HP Target, literally making a Winston trying to dive the Zen useless, take jjonak as an example, when he did his huge plays there was almost always a mercy on him, or take the clip where unkoe killed birdring when he was ulting as genji, the armour from brig made it require 3 swings to kill him, but the 60 hp a second gave him the power to take 5 swings. She was always used as a pocket healer in pro play until the rework, where she got the utility to be a main healer but they still didn’t remove some of her pocket healer utility, this nerf does that. It might not be the area you thought she needed to be nerfed in but it is an area I’ve thought she needed to be nerfed in for a long time




Honestly, you’re wrong. Comparing Mercy’s shift that takes her 30m+bunny hop to the safety of a team mate is easier and better to do for both a beginner who’s never touched Lucio or Mercy before and an expert who’s practiced Lucio’s wall riding for a good while. Certain roll outs only work in specific situations and the majority of wall rides wont get them nearly as far as quickly. Mercy’s shift can be done on any map, in any team comp and against any team and still work effectively.

Also for real, your bias is showing. You can’t even compare resurrect to sleep. Standing over a team mate behind your reins shield and pressing e does not equate to the mechanical skill and game sense it takes to effectively utilize sleep.

Even in your scenario “sleep is free pick every 8 seconds”.

  • Sleep is on a 12 second cooldown, you have no idea what you’re talking about.
  • Sleep can be woken up accidentally. Yes, accidents do happen in every elo.
  • Sleep can be blocked by barriers and defense matrix.
  • Sleep is Ana’s first line of defense, the moment she uses it she puts herself at a disadvantage against flankers who are just waiting for her to have it on cooldown.

So Yes. In mercy’s case her abilities being low skill high reward are much better in almost every way. Which is almost the entirely of that hero’s problem, among having a bloated kit that follows the same pattern.


I love playing Mercy. I just wish i did not get stuck behind a wall and i only need to jump over it like 5 inches but can’t but SHE HAS WINGS. I have to go around that wall. Maybe make her fly a bit higher on her own double jump. Make her Ult rez two people. Or make her grab fly distance longer. That my only problem. She so sooo slow when running back if nobody around. When I get respond. (still learning how to play her.) Would not change anything ells.


Just had a thought…how much more awesome would the teleporter be if you could force teleport enemy players…like…if they touch the teleporter, they are automatically transported to the location of the other one? Still the same rules about placing it and all, so you couldn’t just put it on a cliff…but it would be pretty fun to TP a Reinhardt behind their own team…


What about Roadhog’s bug that causes him to hook symms teleporter as it’s being placed? That’s kind of a big problem lol.


BC mercy mains are incredibly delusional and bias
Also why this game is becoming trash. To much support influence in game and on forums. Cant stand no skill character being OP. This is the only community and game where they made up new terms for skill. Its incredibly amazing how pathetic they are.


Hello, I’m a support main, specifically Lucio and Mercy, so there are a few things I would like to bring up. One, Rez was one of, if not THE most, unfair and unbalanced ult in the game. The single rez ability was a much better idea. Two, Valk allows Mercy to be more close up into combat without having to worry about dying constantly, since she can fly to avoid attacks. Three, the Overwatch team DOES in fact listen to our feedback, it’s why the game has come so far.


So Molten Core, after this buff, would let Torb: Have a level 3 turret, shoot faster, gain 300 shields, and can reload faster to deal more damage. Molten Core is already kind of broken man, I don’t think it needs ANY kind of buff.


The title of your post was “Mercy nerf is the wrong direction”. That is itself bias.


So what about fixing the bug with Brigitte? Occasionally after shield bashing, I’ll get turned around without moving. Suddenly I’m facing away from the enemy team and getting shot in the back, dyeing because I’m no longer dealing damage to heal, running the wrong way and having to figure out what happened, or wasting whip shot because I dropped my shield after bashing to use whip shot and it’s not going where I was initially aiming.

As for the rest of the changes, I’m ok with them, mostly. RIP Mercy, gets a nerf with every new major update. I understand the Zarya graviton nerf but 2 whole meters in every direction is actually a lot. Since it was a radius reduce and not diameter, it’s actually reduced by 4 meters if you look all the way across it. (2 meters taken off each side) I think this reduction should be less, 1.5 meters off the radius at most but I’d still prefer less. For what they’re trying to achieve with it 1 meter would probably be enough.


I think Ana is still too weak compared to others. She needs lower cooldown times or even faster ult charge. She needs something else as she is very weak. Moira is a healer. She does way too much damage as a healer! Her damage orb can drop almost 100hp of an enemy player. Same with Brigitte, she needs to be nerfed as she is a support/healer. The 1 second increase won’t make much of a difference.


Wow, a healer was able to heal teammates. That’s clearly broken.


How is that “bias”? I’m not sure you know what the word means.




  • Cooldown increased from 4 to 5 seconds
    instead of making it easy to catch hanzo why not make it harder its no fair genji has no cooldown for it but hanzo does make inf double jump for hanzo! i tried it and it feels likee this clock for it to be able to use agian :clock12::clock1230::clock1230::clock1::clock130::clock2::clock2::clock230::clock3::clock3::clock330::clock4::clock430::clock5::clock530::clock530::clock6::clock6::clock630::clock7::clock730::clock8::clock830::clock9::clock930::clock10::clock1030::clock11::clock1130::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass_flowing_sand::alarm_clock::alarm_clock::alarm_clock::alarm_clock::alarm_clock::alarm_clock::alarm_clock::alarm_clock::alarm_clock::alarm_clock::alarm_clock::alarm_clock::stopwatch::stopwatch::stopwatch::stopwatch::stopwatch::stopwatch::stopwatch::stopwatch::stopwatch::stopwatch::stopwatch::timer_clock::timer_clock::timer_clock::timer_clock::timer_clock::timer_clock::timer_clock::timer_clock::timer_clock::timer_clock::timer_clock::timer_clock::mantelpiece_clock::mantelpiece_clock::mantelpiece_clock::mantelpiece_clock::mantelpiece_clock::mantelpiece_clock::mantelpiece_clock::mantelpiece_clock::mantelpiece_clock::mantelpiece_clock::mantelpiece_clock::mantelpiece_clock::mantelpiece_clock::mantelpiece_clock::mantelpiece_clock::mantelpiece_clock:


Dude, that’s not how ping works lol.


Unless is something coming out in the upcoming Live Patch. We need ping bars like in custom games.

Why wouldn’t the LFG have ping bars like the custom game lobby?


screw your hanzo, hanzo will still be op


what actually was the problem was damage and rez in the character