Overwatch PTR Patch Notes - July 18, 2018


But I have a question, a real one … Because before, when Blizzard North existed, Bill Roper (AKA : AbandonAllHope) tested the game he leaded (He was the first to have the 1500 random wins head, DeathWing, in Warcraft III).

So I’m asking … Do the devs play the game they’ve in charge ??? … I’m not sure at all …

The game have a lot of bugs and unbalancements but they still not work on it …

  • Symmetra glitching turrets in the walls (not fixed in the PTR)
    *The fly bug with Mercy (it’s stopping in a fly, you don’t know why … but under some conditions, it does that)
  • The caduceus staff staying stucked on a target without the possiblity to change it until the Mercy’s death


Can we have a D.va out of her meka sit emote?


Her ability to evade was absolutely strong and made it hard for her to be pressured that wasn’t a Widow or Hanzo, which severely hampered dive’s strength. Widow essentially became what felt like an untouchable character because of this. Widow was also enabled by the addition of Brigitte, which provided, burst and cover for her to perform. However, the potentially biggest enabler of Widow was the Mercy nerfs on her res. Res made Widow’s kills and picks null with instant res and short cool down.

I think her grappling hook being 10 seconds makes sense, but may be hasty. There are many changes that are on PTR that may already weaken Widow to be more in line.

First is the introduction of Hammond. Hammond is a unique hero because his high mobility doesn’t expose his crit spot, which makes him much harder to kill as a Widow, and also has a protective shield to make him harder to kill as well. He could potentially open up a triple tank dive, in which Widow would be incredible inefficient to handle the pressure and not be able to kill and Hammond’s damage is actually surprisingly high and much more consistent compared to something similar like Orisa’s gun.

Then there are character changes that will certainly make a difference. McCree and Soldier’s minimum damage changes will actually make it possible and easier for a McCree and Soldier to skirmish and kill a Widow, especially if they get the first shot. Brigitte being nerfed would make her less threatening against dive. Also Lucio and Ana, will have better burst, which would mitigate Widow way better as well.


Problem about the mercy change: I understand the because of the overall balance to the healers, but now mercy is about useless, because compared to, let’s say Moira: she has worse damage, worse healing, and can also only heal one ally at a time, while Moira can heal more at a time. The only advantage mercy has is her resurrect ability, which has a 30 second cooldown, so not really helpfully considering: at max se can resurrect a roadhog 600hp, Moira with her basic healing can do 2 400hp in that amount of time. And that is not counting plus the Biotic Orb. Considering, i think she should have a counter-balance, maybe make her gun more viable, or just leave her as a high healing, low damage character (or make her resurrect more inpactfull like her old ultimate was). Thank you if you read this.


In 10 games on the PTR, 5 with Mercy, 5 with Moira … The results are :

  • Average healing
    Moira : 8600
    Mercy : 6700

  • Damage dealing
    Moira : 4900
    Mercy : 1600

Mercy is completely dead …

The decreasing healing from 60 to 50 is too strong. Having Mercy in the team had an advantage : a burst healing to balancing the fact she doesn’t deal damage.
Moira can heal AND dps in the same time, making her as an absolute must have in any comp game from now … !!


Why Mercy?

*Moria’s right click is ridiculously powerful and the range is wayy too much.

  • Hog’s hook range as well… he can get you while he’s 20 feet away.
  • Symetra’s turrets as well. It can kill instantly without Symetra herself doing much work.

I dont get why Mercy is being picked on for Nerfs, when there are far more characters that need to be looked at. I’m a Mercy main, admittedly. But come on, so far you:

  • Removed her Ultimate Resurrection - Ok, that one was OP and needed to be nerfed.
  • Increased her Resurrection time, not by a small margin, but a significant one.
  • Removed the rest of the resurrection timer when on Valkyrie.
    And these are just since I started playing.

Mercy has always been the weakest character in terms of health pool, one good shot kills her. Basically any ultimate does her in, but none of these are being addressed at all.
And now, her Ult takes longer to charge (it was anyway one of the longer charge times for Ult), whereas a Junkrat can spam the area and get charged in seconds

I really dont like these changes. I played Hammond on PTR, and he’s OP. Moira’s OP… I mean, she can go purely DPS on a normal players hands. Diva is OP.
Make other healers more viable by giving them better healing abilities.
Moira can be made a better healer if you remove the “limit / timer” she has when she goes full healing.
Ana can be made a better pick by giving her better options to get out when she is targeted.
Lucio needs a higher healing output
Zen is Zen.
Brig is also pretty alright.

Just stop nerfing her so much. There’s a limit that Mercy mains can take. This is not the answer and you know it.


Hi dev team, I just wanted to report a bug I found. While on attack on Numbani in a competitive match, while standing behind the main center door prior to it opening, symmetra turrets were placed around the door on the outside by the enemy team, and the beams were going through the wall to damage players near the center door. I believe this is a bug so figured id comment it here


When is the new hero relised


Something for Junkrat, please? He’s been hurting real bad. The last patch notes promised to make him spam less, aim more but it didn’t work, don’t just ignore him now :disappointed_relieved:


Seconded. It’s somewhat funny, actually.

Decreasing bomb size was to have the effect of making Junkrat less of a low skill hero by making spam easier to dodge and pool shots more difficult to land. In theory, this would be a great change. In reality, however, the bomb size was reduced so heavily that it makes landing skillshots unreliable while not changing much about how effective spam can be at area denial.

I dunno, though- while I would love to see something to bump up our favorite rat, and while I believe he does need some form of a power boost, there are also a lot more pressing of matters that Blizz needs to focus on right now. This mercy hps/res shatfest of a debate we’re going through at the moment, or Reinhardt in general as a hero, as examples.


Yeah but you’d think they had time for a revert or to at least mention what happened? To tell us that they’re “keeping an eye” on Junkrat?


Hm, true. May I bring up the counterargument that Junkrat’s state is not as severe as other heroes states have been in the past when they required minor buffs? Plenty of heroes have had down spots, after all. It’s entirely plausible, in Blizzards mind, that the reason for Junkrat’s current suffering may be due to any number of different things that aren’t the previous changes (what we know to have been flawed). For example:

  • The prevalence of Zarya in the meta right now, and how hard Junkrat feeds Zarya’s energy.

  • The importance of snipers in Overwatch’s current state, and how hard a good sniper can counter a Junkrat down.

  • Or, possibly, the raw healing/damage soaking potential of the ever popular goats comp, negating Junkrat’s pick potential severely- especially when compared to the snipers.

I’m not excusing Blizzard’s lack of action, by any means, but rather attempting to ration out their reasoning for not working to better Junk. They may believe that by changing other heroes that are currently making Junkrat less viable, he will become more picked in the future. While this logic is sound, once he is more picked, Blizz will probably realize that, despite popularity, players are still not happy with his current state, and then they’ll work to change him for the better.

(Oh, and also, we can all say from experience that Blizz keeping an eye on things doesn’t really mean jack. Sombra, anyone?)


I understand that, I bet the devs really are waiting to see if its just all the counters thats making Junkrat so bad, but I still want to know whats going on. At least when other hero changes get backlash, the devs say something. Unless it’s Bastion. I don’t want Junkrat to be Bastion.


Absolutely fair. No one wants to see their main fall to Bastion levels of usefulness, (sorry, Bastion mains) and Blizzard SHOULD be doing more to keep the playerbase informed on their balancing ideas as a whole. However, at least they’re trying to progress for the better in this regard. The most recent Lucio wallriding uproar is proof of that.

Also, as a small counterpoint, not every hero that has had backlash has been promptly responded to. Look at how long it took Sombra’s bugs to even be acknowledged, or for Mei players to even get a QoL change.


But the devs have been getting better at it, responding to the players. It just seems like their approach to Junkrat has been a step in the other direction, which worries me because at least the other “toxic” heroes are getting more attention.

Btw, that wallriding buff was legit some dream patch notes level stuff for me, I never thought the devs would give us that in a million years. Hippity Hoppity, all the walls are now my property.


just because they require “skill” doesnt mean they are not equal or better. Because they are.
And as to ressurect sleep dart is essentially a free pick every 8 seconds if you are “skilled” enough


No. Hanzo’s ult is only strong because Zarya’s is strong. His ult DEPENDS on zarya’s ult. It is NOT the other way around.

Graviton needed a nerf.


2000 IQ math. It’s a 25% nerf. You’d be right if it wasn’t just a radius to catch people and bring them to the center.


But it sort of was, at least in pro play. She was huge there cause she could fall back and save any 200 HP Target, literally making a Winston trying to dive the Zen useless, take jjonak as an example, when he did his huge plays there was almost always a mercy on him, or take the clip where unkoe killed birdring when he was ulting as genji, the armour from brig made it require 3 swings to kill him, but the 60 hp a second gave him the power to take 5 swings. She was always used as a pocket healer in pro play until the rework, where she got the utility to be a main healer but they still didn’t remove some of her pocket healer utility, this nerf does that. It might not be the area you thought she needed to be nerfed in but it is an area I’ve thought she needed to be nerfed in for a long time