Overwatch PTR Patch Notes - July 18, 2018


Well, you could argue that Widow isnt supposed to have an easy time escaping people that have snuck up on her. 2 seconds more isn’t a lot, it will make a difference, sure, but it was in my opinion a good change.

You will need to be more picky about when to use it, think about your positioning and be aware of enemy movements, so you won’t get caught with your pants down.

Having the hook on low cooldown kind of eliminates her one weakness, which is mobility (and then close proximity fighting, which it indirectly eliminates when repositioning).

Widow isn’t supposed to have a high chance of surviving a chaser like Genji or Winston (Come on man, these are supposed to be her counters!). You get one get away card in the form of the hook, but then if your team isn’t helping you and/or you miss that following shot, your chances to live are, if the opposing players are atleast mediocre, pretty much none.


I sure hope the sombra changes arent pushed to live…blizzard pls !!.. bugfix her and revert the changes ;(


For Widow, the problem is not nerfing her.

I just don’t understand the need of change while you can have a Hanzo who can:

  • Climb on walls
  • Prepare his shot BEFORE climbing a wall
  • Be able to make an evasive jump
  • And if needed, hanzo has multiple strike for damage dealing & survivability

So, in regard of the mobility that a hanzo have, i just don’t uderstand why is the mobility of a widow a problem. She has only her grapping hook

A most of it, airshot is a part of the fun playing widow


Why do you compare her to Hanzo? They are not interchangable characters and are hardly played the same way. Hanzo is called a “sniper” but really isn’t viable for actual long range, where’s Widow excells in that category. As Hanzo has to get closer up to be consistently effective, his kit needs higher mobility, otherwize he would be sitting duck.

Widow can also get to way more remote locations using the hook compared to Hanzo’s climb, aswell as giving you the ability to gain a lot of air above objects… It’s just much more all-round, useful tool in many scenarios compared to Hanzo’s climb, and as such, it needs to be looked at differently.

A good Widow is the most dominant hero in the game right now, and I highly doubt a 2 sec increase to her hook cooldown will change her that much. Just like I said in my previous post, you have to pay constant attention as to where the enemy team is in correlation to your position, and use the hook slightly more selectively.


I compare Widow to Hanzo because they are the two sniper of the game. Simple as that. And they are many map where a widow is at range of a hanzo. Even she can reach locations where a hanzo couldn’t go

But don’t get me wrong: my topic is not to start a debate to know who’s the best sniper of the game

For now, i see a hanzo in quite every game i play. He can deal with a lot of flankers … and win. And I am fine with it.

On the contrary, widow doesn’t deal easly with flankers. She needs to scope to be lethal. And the way to her to avoid being killed is many time her grapping hook and stay at range to scope … and trying to kill your oponent

You can pay constant attention with widow and be aware of the incoming flankers but when your escape ability is on cooldown … what could you do ?
Trying to deal with them ? In most of situation, your oponent will have shorter cooldown than a widow

Some escape ability is always welcome.
As I said in my first post: it needs to be tested in game.


I get where you are coming from, again I wouldn’t really call Hanzo a Sniper, atleast not one as pure-bred as Widow. Hanzo’s kit is more manueverable and agressive to be able to handle mid-range fights, which is why he might have an easier time dealing with flankers.

But the thing is that if the scenario you describe keeps on happening (being chased by flankers), usually they would use their movement ability first, leaving it on cooldown. Now you have a window for escape and call for your team. If you don’t hit the shot, or none of your team responds, I don’t think you should have the extra lifeline of a short CD grapple to save you.

If the enemy team keeps flanking/sneaking up on you and killing you, either you need to get your team to help you, reconsider your positioning or you should switch hero in my opinion! Widow’s sniper is so strong that she needs to have some kind of weakness to balance her. If they are running an anti-Widow comp, she shouldn’t prevail.

Then again, since these are the patch-notes for the PTR, these changes will be tested! I’m just pointing out why I don’t agree with you on this topic, but at the end of the day only actual testing can show wether it is a needed change or an unjustified nerf. Also keep an open mind when testing, I feel like the OW community usually exaggerates nerfs/buffs as catastrophical changes to heros, either rendering them as lobotomized potatos or godslayers.

As I am a “new user” (wut) I can only post 3 times in this thread, so I post my reply through an edit instead:

Alright, that’s fair enough of a concern to have. Personally I think it’s a needed change, and it’s true I thought you were against the nerf altogether initially, which is why I came out swinging with counterarguments. Guess we’ll just see how this PTR-patch plays out!


As i said before, the problem is not nerfing her. And I know it won’t change her gameplay. Just keep in mind that it’s her only defensive ability

Widow is quite the only dps that can kill a 200HP caracter under a zen’s transendance with a simple shot. Or headshot a Phara at long range. So yes, she’s powerfull and it’s normal to have some weakness to give a chance to counter her. I have no problem with that. I have the feeling you think i am against any change on her. Witch is not the case. No one likes godlike caracter … so i don’t want that widow become unkillable. And they are many team comp who can deal with her (Genji / Wiston first)

And like most caracter on ow, she is situational (map & ennemy team comp) . And even i like playing her, i always switch to another pick if i am hard counter or doesn’t have an impact on the game (eg I switch to soldier - witch i like too - but this is not the topic that we are talking about).

My main concern is that 10 sec become a long cooldown for a dps caracter. So I wondering how it goes in game


Wow, most of these nerfs are completely unjust. I am a fan of the Ana of Lucio buffs, but other than that all of the support nerfs are quite bad. Widow nerf makes sense, the Zarya graviton nerf just sucks, and the shield bash has been nerfed before. Most of these are bad things in the game overall, bad patch.


I totally Agree. Zarya has the longest ultimate charge time in the game, yes it’s pretty strong but it can be countered easily with Zenyata’s ultimate and lucio, even with the Hanzo’s dragon and mercy’s boost u can counter it by using Zenyats’ + Ana’s grenade.
so reducing it this much will never help the meta and the game in general.


Just make it equal between the two, why make her lose?

And 7 seconds is more than enough


Mercy experience in PTR here.
Mercy Mains should Click!


Please stop gutting mercy… I mainly enjoy rounds of deathmatch, her pistol is garbage and her self heal is reliant on not getting hit by anything, which is kind of hard when youre playing against 7+ enemies, but a kill is rewarding enough to satisfy me with even 4th-5th place some matches. Occasionally higher if I get lucky. With all these hybrid healers that deal as much damage as dps (moira and Brig, and Lucio but lucio isn’t as OP as the first two ), only the real dedicated kawaii mercy/healer fans still pick her in deathmatch. I’ll get frustrated some nights, turn to a break with comp or arcade then it seems every time mercy is nerfed a little more. No one wants to heal as it is (this world just wants to shoot things) and every game has this flaw of not caring about the peeps that heal the peeps doing damage. Focusing on the healer, mercy doesn’t stand a chance. Find whoever is b*$ching about mercy at blizzard and teach them the fundamentals of the game… or any mmo RPG. Or do they even play their own game? Or talk to any people who do… Like the mercy players MIGHT have something to say about this but who cares right Jeff? It’s infuriating; I think this patch may be my last


Isn’t the whole point of zaryas grav to grab people who go in to try to help their allies.


also moira doesnt need more healing she is already over powered


Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes - July 18, 2018:

Graviton Surge

Radius reduced from 8 to 6 meters

Wow, this feels horrible. To nerf zarya this much and slap hanzo and brig on the wrist? What a joke.


I would like for moira to get biotic energy given 70% of total energy currently after she uses her ult which would make her more healing wise and her dmg for her ult is 5 increased to 30 dmg every second and healing is 150 every second.


Nerf the resurrection, everyone knows it’s the problem.

She will continue to be must-pick with new changes, she’ll just be worse at healing. Then you’ll continue to ignore Resurrection until you finally realize that’s the problem and leave her healing back to 50 hp/s which was BUFFED two years ago simply so she could keep up with the effective healing of the other healers.


Widowmaker needs to be re-addressed in a different way.

In all these seasons I’ve never played competitive widowmaker beacuse she is a throw pick unless you have pro level aim. I keep winning all my matches against widowmakers on gold rank. Because they can’t grapple away, and they can’t aim. She definitely needs more buffing.

I love her and think sniping is fun. But if she is only going to make me lose games, I can’t play her.

Instead I pick Hanzo. Easy mode sniper. 5 times as big arrow hitbox for headshots. Storm arrows to kill anyone who tries to duel me. leaping to the side to avoid attacks. Climbing walls to reach high ground with no recasts. Sonic arrow also gives me wallhacks and it becomes so easy to play. I also never have to reload. The benefits over widowmaker never ends, and there is only a single reason to ever pick widowmaker over hanzo. You are an aim god.

So how do we fix widowmakers issue of “If you are a god at aiming, she is strong”? Clearly not by changing her grapple. I’d rather see lower HP or something to encourage tracers and sombras and other nice counters to faster delete her when they reach her. Another option is adding something that gives headshot protection. Like letting torb hand out helmets that make the first headshot they get do 1 damage or something.


Can’t wait until I’m 100 for hack to finally stop switching targets mid hack


should make it 15m on lucio aura