Overwatch PTR Patch Notes - July 18, 2018


Yeah, so am I, but it’s a 1.5 second reload. And it also means you can use it DURING a firefight instead of just on an initial engagement more flexibly. You gotta think of the bigger picture here. 1.5 seconds in Overwatch is a long time.


I think you may be referring to what I said above, the length of time it takes to cast it if your already in stealth. I understand the time to come out of stealth is necessary, as it would make Sombra OP, but the one exception is when doing an ULT.


I don’t EMP out of stealth. I EMP grounded or out of translocator. EMPing out of stealth isn’t practical.


lol? Okay…

Ill pretend I didn’t read that.


If you’re going to criticize my playstyle, try not being 1000SR lower than me. The odds are I fundimentally understand her kit better than you.


I’ve seen Mercy when she had mass rez, and while I’ve only gotten to play Mercy as of her most recent kit update (non-PTR), and I have to say that Mercy herself as of right now on live, MERCY DOES NOT NEED NERFING. A five person rez is indeed game changing, and that did need adjustment, to a single person rez. But as of right now, it’s not at all easy to get a rez off it the middle of a fight without getting turned into swiss cheese (yes I went there) due to the cast time and movement speed reduction unless you’re randomly lucky. Her “new” ultimate Valkyrie allows her to “burst heal” as other healers can do as she lacked it otherwise which is a welcome improvement.

However, because she has the least offensive and self defense capability among the supports, who themselves are more vulnerable to focus compared to other hero types, her kit needs to be stronger than other healers anyway, especially because her primary method of defense is other players who may not be competent enough to save her or change the aggressor’s focus. Guardian Angel (aka “dash to ally”) is certainly very useful to move reposition away from an enemy, but without

Mercy’s healing output is not the problem, nor adjusting it going to fix the real issue, which is other healer’s difficulty healing.

Many people (including myself) prefer to play Mercy when healing because it allows our heals to be reliable compared to those that require precise aim and target leading even at short to mid range (Ana) or proper positioning with your team on both your end and theirs (Lucio), similar to how Zenyatta’s Harmony orb doesn’t require precise aim (although good positioning keeps you alive longer for multiple reasons). A small to moderate increase in Lucio’s aura range (by 15-30%) would help balance this out for him, and an increasing the “size” of allies to Ana’s Biotic Rifle (by 25-50%) or the speed and/or size of the projectile/hitscan area toward allies would help people heal squishies while they are moving around more reliably.

Again, the issue is not with Mercy. Is a box that’s taped shut needs opening with a box cutter when scissors won’t do the trick, because the scissors have aren’t sharp enough, or have gotten too old and dull and need replaced. Or perhaps the tape is too sticky and strong for constant use in packaging? It’s best to look for multiple solutions to a problem before choosing one, as well as take a different perspective to see what solutions it might bring.

And Overwatch is NOT a game that is exclusively played in competitive or in competitions by people that have near peak human reaction times and reflexes, but by people that have skill levels and specialites that are incredibly varied. Some can reliably hit headshots while both them and their target are midair, but can’t predict and lead targets with projectiles for crap, or vice versa. Others can barely hit targets with any kind of weapon but have excellent positioning and awareness.


I agree with all the mercy mains, as a support main (zen). Rez didn’t really deserve to be nerfed, yes it was annoying, but legit, you guys cut mercy in half and are trying to repair it with bandages. Her healing was fine. Yes her gun is okay, but she was created as a healer, not a hybrid. Nerfing her healing, her sole purpose, is like removing Rein’s barrier. And Graced, name a hero who has gotten gutted worse than mercy I dare you. If you want to fix Mercy then return her back to her old self, maybe nerf the rez radius.


take the nerf? We did for like the 3rd or 4th time!@!!! Mercy is FINE RIGHT NOW. Shes made to Outheal other healers , Thats why blizzard made her so stop thinkimg that your clever because only mercy mains understand not you.


i 100 % agree to that nerf brigitte she is too op


oh sure, torb the “troll-pick” is somehow op…


i think he was joking.


Lucio needs impact.
Not range.
Plz buff amp.


thank goodness because that’s crazytalk


Widowmaker shouldn’t have been nerfed with their cooldown. It is not reasonable at all, as people are already struggling with getting out of a unfair fight, as widowmaker is an easy target and is always meant to be for long range. So they shouldn’t be able to not be that less mobile.


I don’t get why they just don’t make all heroes reload with ult usage. Doesn’t make sense to me why they wouldn’t.


i think yea, they destroyed the fun her whole kit and huge rez only to give her one benefit’’ still the highest healing done ’ if u ganna lower her healing done, u have to give the huge rez back or idk smth else. u cant just destroy a character bcuz of high pick rate . u know maybe the last nerfs were fair but just this one isn’t. why should others choose our mains??


Moira is a scientist, she doesn’t have time to waste on fighting, thats what she got her serva-I mean, her teammates for xD.


Hello There,

For Mercy: What I heard is that nerf is for giving a chance to other healers. I understand she a must and give a chance to other healers is a good thing.

In my case, I chose Brigitte or Mercy … because I like playing those heroes … and I don’t amuse Myself on Ana nor Lucio … even they are good and Mercy nerfed (again)

Mercy has always be a must pick. And I think her specific gameplay count a lot in her pick rate.


Not bad!
The Widow nerf was needed.

Any chance for a D.Va buff? Please? Like trees no longer protecting players from her nuke?
A movement ability for Orisa? She’s based on a centaur/horse, but not even a single ability that helps her move around.
Make D.Va keep the Nano Boost effect when exiting / entering her MEKA?
Make the Defense Matrix able to eat Symmetra’s sentry turrets? Lucio’s Soundwave? Deflected projectiles from Genji?
Speaking of which, for a character who wishes to make the world better, to help making a perfect society, Symmetra is a monster. You should have made her a healer, a thing REALLY misses a variety. Just look at the roster. 6 Healers on 15 DPS and 7 Tanks. Talk about unbalance.
Also, maybe change the view of the hero roster at matches? the whole DPS section in the middle just attracts all the players, considering its size. Sorting them by their actual abilities would make more sense. Here’s an example:
Shield bearers - Brigitte, Reinhardt
Objective guards - Bastion, Orisa
Crowd control - Sombra, Pharah, Ana, Junkrat
Divers - D.Va, Tracer, Winston, Genji, Hammond

Of course it’s not final…
Speaking of which again, I know that it doesn’t really make sense calling D.Va MEKA when in her MEKA, but please change Wrecking ball’s name to Hammond. The name doesn’t appear ANYWHERE in the role, differently from D.Va’s MEKA [stands for Mobile exoforce of the Korean Army or something like that]. Also, D.Va is currently the only hero with NO lore connection to other characters AT ALL. That feels like she was just put in to give a wider variety of character ages. I would personally love to see something that relates to her in a lore, like maybe being secretly a member of the newer Overwatch, Whitewatch [I don’t have other ideas V’-'V], that secretly operates worldwide to save the former Overwatch agents from Talon, and her other comrades would be Orisa, Brigitte, Mei and Lucio? I don’t know.
Another idea I have, this time about those of us that don’t have a majestic, amazing internet connection; Basically, if one leaves in a middle of a competitive match, but returns after a short period of time, the match will not be cancelled, and that player won’t get penalized nor punished, because if that player returns, it means he’s/she’s almost 100% not a troller / griefer / thrower, but just had bad internet, and came back.

Don’t get me wrong. Your game is AWESOME. It just feels to bland recently - Tanks + Healers barely being used outside competitive, lore holes… We all could use some F5 every now and then.
Heroes never die!
Don’t let this game die. I’m not sure it will be easy to resurrect it.


For Widow:
Her gappling hook is her only ability for surviving: No multiple arrow, no flash bang, no dash, etc… And sometime, i have issue with it (no grappling where i want)

It need to be tested in game but i am worried about it.

To give an exaple: when a widow duel a Hanzo, she is quiet dead if you miss the first head shot… because Hanzo can chase a widow as hell… Just like a Genji, a Winston or a Symmetra with her teleporter

As I said, it is need to be tested in game.