Overwatch PTR Patch Notes - July 18, 2018


Mercy can do more damage if you have good aim. You cant talk her nice, she is just awful and she will be even worse once Mercy isnt so strong anymore.


Mercy does have a good damage output, which is one of her strong points since Mercy keeps receiving nerfs often


Seriously. All of her other abilities take away her healing entirely. She rez’s, no healing output. She boosts, no healing output. She takes out her gun, no healing output. Mercy’s whole job is to heal. She doesn’t DO anything else. And if she is doing anything else, she’s not healing. Moria, Zen, Lucio, Brigitte can ALL deal damage and heal at the same time. Mercy can’t.
If Mercy’s healing is on par with the other healers, why would you even play her when you could be someone more versatile and do the same amount of healing? Especially buffing most of the other healers at the same time as nerfing Mercy. They didn’t even want to see how they’d fair against her first.


Mercy has a strong damage output, but she is still the worst battle support because she has a poor survivability and decent aim requirement in a 1v1. Sym has the same survivabilty, more aim requirement and less damage output -> worst 1v1 hero in the game.


He is by far the most broken character rn i never thought i would miss scatter


i wish they would leave brig alone


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Ginger, I agree that reducing her healing output is not a good idea instead I think they should’ve instead increased the ult charge required to use Valkyrie.
But I don’t like changes you suggested cause for second paragraph you are only adding more thought to where you should rez (since the mercy can tell everybody to die on the point), also giving her multiple rez charges is bad cause instead of being able to only bring a guy back in a team fight once she is going to bring her team back throughout the team fight, which will be ANNOYING, also exactly how quickly will a single charge can be charged.

For the third paragraph you’re basically buffing her. She doesn’t need a buff she is the strongest healer in the game.

I also hated her old ult, especially when the mercy makes the enemy team by them previously winning the team fight. This comes from a guy that plays mercy as his second main.


Moira’s passive/auto DPS is way too high considering she is a support hero. Please address Biotic Orb’s DPS, and also address how it remains active and continues to bounce around even after Moira is dead.

Give Moira more of an incentive to heal as opposed to chasing and killing DPS heroes.


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I think an interesting change to Moira could be if her ball shrank as it was travelling through the air, because I find that her ball is too much of a constant threat. Maybe instead being able to shoot the ball to make it shrink much faster, or making it slower, or something like that. I just think that the biotic orb is an ability that is simply an obstacle that you have to just avoid, rather than something that can be played against.


“Moria” Blizz pls
literally unplayable


I hate the Mercy Nerf. This was the same nerf that was tried and reverted 4 months into release. She is a main support and at 50 h/s she feels awful to play. I honestly think live-Mercy is in a good position, the 2 other main supports just need to get reasonable buffs to boost their healing potential, which Moira did.

Ana could use a HS healing buff to maybe add 40% or +30 healing. This would certainly make her much more beneficial to a team when in skilled hands. It would also have the potential to make her more vulnerable as she would be focusing down her shots more. Also, it’s not quite fair when you lose nano boost if you use it while you die. If it never gets activated onto a teammate, it should be fully refunded to the Ana in question.

Lucio still needs to be able to activate Sound Barrier while wall riding (or possibly even mid-air). The fact that you have to land on the ground to activate it is detrimental to his kit. He is also never used because it takes too long to activate it vs Zen’s transcendence. It needs to activate much faster than it does, many times, you end up dying or it activates too late and lets teammates die. Transcendence is a fantastic counter to many ultimates, but sound barrier counters what transcendence doesn’t and match some of which it does. You can’t react fast enough to negate a pulse bomb or meteor fist with the current delay.

Brigitte’s healing aura is still active after she dies (I watch the heal meter keep rising after I die as her)… I mean, Lucio’s aura doesn’t stay and heal the team when he dies, why does Brigitte’s? If this is known feature and not actually a bug, I’d be shocked.


:thinking:Am I the only one that thinks that nano should also boost healing output?


Mercy the only one healer who can heal through barries. She can amp damage, she can fly, she can res. Her healing stream don’t need aim. She can heal even when she standing back to you. Mercy will be actual. Heal 200 hp for 4 sec instead of 3,3 not so strong nerf. Besides, her kit weren’t changed at all.


You forget the healing threw walls :wink:


I think it would be too OP. Nano target is already hard to take down because of damage reduction.


i Think so i dont realy know


Very good fixes, thank you very much! Ana i think now will be my main, this is really good buff for her nano, Lucio also very cool increasing radius and buff shields, widow i dont care, i had kill all with 12 cd, so 10 is also good, good micro nerf for baguette and spamzo, very cool for Moira, some times i can restore.


dang, you just hate on everyone huh?