Overwatch PTR Patch Notes - July 18, 2018


Symm can do insane damage if you are good at tracking or aiming her right click, both of which require you to actually aim.


If hog gets singled out by multiple opponents 1. that’s teamwork, 2. Hog already has way too much survivability, if they dive you because you’re out of position you DESERVE to die. Get punished.


It says Moria instead of Moira. Please fix.


This just isnt true, Moira potential healing is way higher than Mercys currently is. Also as mentioned before Mercys healing output aint a problem, putting her down to same levels as other Support healers with way more offensive use than Mercy is a bad thing however.


I dont understand why they made that change on Zarya, she is fine, why change that?


wait, numbers aren’t everything. Moira is limited by range, barrier, resources and cooldowns.
Mercy has infinite healing that isn’t blocked by anything (except ana nade) and can fly to anyone in need. Mercy outheals every other support and she can pocket and damage boost when needed.
She spends a good 90% of the match healing, while other healers have other buisness to do, so she heals more.
Her absurd pocket heal with damage boost and rez is why snipers have been so dominant as of late, since not only she undoes every first pick they make, but also makes snipers next to impossible to dive


why would anyone not play a hanzo when he can get 17k damage in one round… while I have to work my hardest to get 7k as a sombra. He does way too much easy damage. I barely see junkrats match that kind of damage output.


Are you fuking serious…
Shield Bash
Cooldown increased from 6 to 7 seconds
I want my 2 OWL brig skins refunded :expressionless:


I was about to say the nano buff don’t change anything, but then I saw I was not on the ptr…



Brigitte 's nerf is nonsense
I hate only Dive meta so much
Tracer will be come back, she will be queen of meta again.
So boring single meta, why blizzard deletes counter logic? why?


these are good but why not ana :cry: she needs it more than moira (whose name you spelled wrong lol) imo


Oh no a mercy main uninstalled what a terrible loss


Same thing happens when i use widowmaker’s ult


I’ve been playing since the game came out and playing blizzard games for well over 12 years. I won’t be playing anymore after this constant nerf to mercy. Get over it. Stop ruining something a lot of people find fun.


Anybody else feel as tho’ the Zarya rework is simply a buff, because all that’s happening is Grav/Strike is coming even sooner than before and catching half the team in a 6m Graviton Surge is more than enough to win the team fight regardless of the nerf?

I mean, not only could this do the exact opposite of what it’s intended to do but a baseline more powerful Zarya makes triple and quad tank comp significantly more reliable at putting out damage.


Anyone know how to crack the code to see what the new hidden D.va nerf is?


Make Zenyatta Harmony Orb two people !!! :ok_hand:


I agree, Zen barely can get healing in because the harmony orb doesn’t have a high heals per second. Also, while managing healing on one teammate that is low, you can have another teammate that is low but have to wait for your first healing target to finish, resulting in the other player who needs healing dying, and possibly flaming you for bad healing


For achievement hunters like me, the reduction in radius for Zarya’s gravitron makes getting her Cute Spray a little harder. However, the reduction in energy depletion makes getting her Pixel Spray a little easier.


Yeah, and I still have hope they get a single good rework. They cant ruin EVERY hero. After Bastion, D.Va, Mercy, Symmetra and Hanzo all getting bad reworks, its time for a good rework.